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How to Show Her You Care

Rachel Dack
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Gentleman, have you ever wondered how to show her you care or how to let her know you are thinking of her?

Showing you care for a woman involves more than just your actions or just your words. It is a balance of consistently acting in ways that promote closeness and communicating verbally and nonverbally that you like her.

Although grand gestures, such as flowers and extravagant dates go along way, showing her you care is more about paying attention to the little things that bring her happiness and being thoughtful on a regular basis as you build a relationship together.

If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode about “Independent George” and “Relationship George,” depicting George’s extreme resistance to having his social world and relationship worlds collide, you know what not to do.

He hesitates to allow Susan, the woman in his life, to hang out with his friends, avoids inviting her to join his plans and is irritated when she forms her own relationships with his social group.

As overwhelming as it can be to have your crush or girlfriend be such an important part of your life and include her in your plans, social life and other relationships, making an effort to open up your world to her signifies you care.

This is necessary when you begin to date a bit more seriously, especially if you want the relationship to progress into long-term status.

It is absolutely OK to not be ready to say those three special words.

You can communicate you care in a variety of ways.

Texting her in the morning, telling her she looks beautiful and holding the door are among the small but powerful actions that illustrate your interest and respect for her.

These spontaneous acts signify your genuine interest and keep things exciting as your relationship progresses.

A word of caution:

Women generally consider assertiveness to be attractive and appealing. However, pushiness and aggressiveness are not, especially if she communicates that she would like you to slow down, back off or only wants to be friends.

It is essential that you carefully gauge her reactions and be aware of your timing while assessing that the level of interest is mutual.

If you are getting signs from her that you are coming on too strong or too quickly, intentionally take a step back and ensure that you are on the same page.

“Do this by involving her in

what is important to you.”

Here are 10 ways to show her you care:

1. Communicate.

Without any pressure to spill every detail about yourself and your feelings right away, open up at a pace that feels comfortable to you and show her who you are and what matters to you.

2. Be consistent and responsible.

Make an effort and be true to your word. Follow through on what you promised or agreed to and communicate honestly if you are going to be late or have to cancel.

3. Call her.

Do this than for no other reason than to say hi and you are thinking of her.

4. Make an effort to see her regularly, even when you are busy.

If you are out of town or swamped at work, make sure you do something (such as send a brief text or email or call to say a quick hello) to show her she is important to you.

5. Be creative in letting her know you are thinking of her.

Did you see a YouTube video or read an article that relates to your conversation or makes you think of her? Send it her way.

6. Be affectionate and flirty.

While always ensuring that your timing is appropriate, hold her hand, brush her hair behind her ear and cuddle.

7. Offer to help.

Without implying that she cannot resolve the problem herself, carry her own grocery bags or fix something in her home, be a gentleman and ask her if she would like your support.

8. Compliment her.

Tell her what you like or admire about her.

9. Listen with genuine interest in what she has to say.

Be attentive and ask questions while maintaining good eye contact and body language.

10. Include her in your life.

Do this by involving her in what is important to you, introducing her to your friends and family, making time for her and getting to know her friends and interests.

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