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Taylor & Hart™: How an Online Retailer of Engagement Rings & Jewelry Can Personalize Your Romantic Gestures

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Taylor & Hart has revolutionized the way people pick out jewelry for their loved ones by offering custom designs on its engagement and wedding rings. Customers can choose from over 100,000 graded diamonds and colored gemstones, and then they can work with a personal consultant to get the shape, cut, and band just right. Taylor & Hart has physical locations in London and New York City, but it sells jewelry around the world through a convenient online store. Thanks to Taylor & Hart, anyone can go online and create a unique gift for that special someone.

In 2013, South African entrepreneur Nikolay Piriankov knew his girlfriend was someone special, and he wanted to plan a proposal to express how he felt. So, he reached out to an old friend in the diamond industry for help creating an original ring. Nikolay had a vision for a ring that would reflect the beauty of his relationship.

Photo of Nikolay Piriankov, Founder of Taylor & Hart

After proposing to his girlfriend, Nikolay Piriankov saw an opportunity to make custom engagement rings affordably and ethically.

With the help of his friend, Nikolay designed and produced an engagement ring inspired by the waves of the ocean off the shores of Cape Town, which is where he proposed. Nikolay’s girlfriend was amazed by the care and thought that went into the custom ring, and she said yes to his proposal.

That moment changed Nikolay’s life in two ways. Not only did he get engaged, but he also embarked on a business venture to make bespoke diamond rings available to every starry-eyed romantic out there.

Nikolay founded the diamond ring e-seller now known as Taylor & Hart to offer custom-designed jewelry at an affordable price.

“Taylor & Hart is a disruptive e-tailer of custom-designed engagement rings and fine jewelry,” said Iva Tsenkova, the company’s PR and Social Media Manager. “We design one-of-a-kind pieces for our customers at a speed and price point that is unrivaled.”

Now people can use Taylor & Hart to design a unique ring, bracelet, necklace, or other jewelry that will amaze their significant others. The e-seller’s personalized design process has given customers the ability to get exactly what they want and give a meaningful gift unlike any other.

Disrupting the Diamond Industry by Offering Greater Value

Taylor & Hart is a tech-savvy jewelry seller that operates wholly online. The retailer puts customers in charge by offering a build-it-yourself engagement ring section. The customer can schedule a consultation with an expert who will customize the diamond shape, style, and ring metal. Once the customer is satisfied with the design, and Taylor & Hart can have their creation ready in 15 to 30 days.

Photo of a bespoke piece of jewelry courtesy of Taylor & Hart

“We’re storytellers at heart,” Iva said, “and enable people to tell their love stories through jewelry.”

Many young professionals around the world have jumped on this opportunity to make their proposals stand out and give that special someone an irreplaceable gift.

“Taylor & Hart’s vision is to reconnect customers with the original purpose of jewelry as a personalized product that tells a story,” Iva said. “We’re storytellers at heart and enable people to tell their love stories through jewelry.”

This disruptive business model has improved the jewelry shopping experience and made beautiful custom jewelry more accessible to the average dater.

Taylor & Hart gives a personal touch to all its creations by setting a red ruby on the inside of all its rings. This complimentary final touch is the jeweler’s seal of quality craftsmanship and represents the heart that goes into each piece.

Under the motto “teamwork makes the dream work,” the Taylor & Hart team has dreamed up an innovative way to create and sell jewelry. Its bespoke process has made custom designs more affordable than ever before. Taylor & Hart partners with Affirm to offer 0% APR financing on online purchases.

Whether you want to add your initials to the band or create a totally original engagement ring, Taylor & Hart can give you the tools to turn your heart’s desire into a reality.

Screenshot of Taylor & Hart

You can put a personal touch on an engagement ring by using Taylor & Hart.

Taylor & Hart has a 90-day return policy on almost all its jewelry. The only exception is for individual diamonds or gemstones that cost more than $15,000. The jewelry company also offers a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, Complimentary Annual Aftercare, and other helpful guarantees that back the quality of each Taylor & Hart purchase.

The stunning selection at Taylor & Hart is ideal for daters shopping for a gift for a special occasion. Customers have over 150,000 ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones to choose from, and they can fine-tune the jewelry to fit their tastes and budgets.

“The jewelry our customers buy and wear acts as a talisman that helps them recall fondly the memories of the special moments in their lives,” Iva said. “We believe that expertly crafted custom jewelry that symbolizes your style and story should be accessible to everyone.”

Bespoke Customer Service Distinguishes the E-Seller

Personalization is the name of the game for Taylor & Hart. The jewelry retailer has pioneered a customer-first business model where romantic ideas become physical realities. People can depend upon Taylor & Hart to carry out their vision and create a quality product using ethical sourcing methods.

A personal design consultant can help customers through the bespoke process and ensure they end up with an engagement ring they can be proud to offer to that special someone.

“We are known for our outstanding service and for trying to build a ‘jeweler for life’ relationship,” Iva said. “Through empathy we listen first, seeking to understand before offering advice or guidance.”

Photo of a ring sold by Taylor & Hart

Taylor & Hart offers a convenient, flexible, and cost-efficient ring shopping experience.

Designing a custom engagement ring or wedding band takes time as Taylor & Hart works to get every detail just right — within the client’s style and budget specifications. After they’ve drafted a design, customers can visit a showroom in New York or London to see a 3D-printed replica of the ring and provide feedback. They can amend and view the ring design up to three times.

Once the customer approves of the final product, they’ll receive a quote, which is valid for up to two weeks. Custom engagement rings typically take an additional month to produce and ship.

“We provide the best of online and the best of retail,” Iva said. “What sets us apart is the freedom we offer to our clients in the way they shop — they have the freedom to shop online or visit a showroom, the freedom to choose a pre-designed ring or start from scratch on a bespoke ring, and the freedom to communicate through email, phone, or even WhatsApp and get a 24/7 client-lead shopping experience.”

In 2018, Taylor & Hart launched its first ready-to-wear jewelry collection, which features necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. These pieces offer a wonderful way for couples to keep the love going and shop at Taylor & Hart for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions.

By expanding its collection, Taylor & Hart aims to win its customers’ loyalty and become their jeweler of choice for the rest of their lives. They capture couples’ hearts with a dazzling engagement ring, and then they continually satisfy existing customers with jewelry worthy of a great love story.

Giving an Extra Polish to Love Stories

Taylor & Hart is in the business of making romantic memories, and business is good. Many couples have written to the team to thank them for going the extra mile to provide high-quality jewelry for an affordable price.

“My design consultant did an amazing job, right down to the style of claws that are set around my diamond,” said Andrew, who proposed to Forrest in 2016 using a Taylor & Hart ring. “I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. It’s so sparkly and so unique.”

Photo of engaged couple Jon and Hayley

Taylor & Hart helped Jon personalize his proposal to Hayley with a custom unicorn ring.

Jon and Hayley met online, and they dated for five years before he decided it was time to get serious and put a ring on it. Not just any ring either — a unicorn-inspired Taylor & Hart ring. When Jon saw an advertisement for a custom ring design, he instantly thought of unicorns. He knew his girlfriend loved Disney princesses and unicorns, so he created an engagement ring that would give a nod to the mythical creatures.

Hayley’s ring has secret unicorn horns underneath the band. “It’s perfect — exactly the kind of style I wanted,” Hayley said. When Jon proposed, he gave Hayley a glass slipper, a unicorn ring, and a memory she’ll forever treasure.

When Kate moved to across the pond to London in 2014, she didn’t plan on staying long, but meeting James turned her life upside down. Within two months of dating, Kate knew James was the one for her, and she decided to live in London permanently.

Kate was actually the one who found the Taylor & Hart website. She forwarded James an email of her ideas for a ring, and he got in touch with a personal consultant to make it happen. The final product was everything she had imagined and more. “We loved the first ring so much that we actually came back to you guys for a wedding ring,” James said.

Such inspirational love stories motivate the Taylor & Hart team to continue coming up with innovative ways to inspire romance, appreciation, and love.

“Our mission is to become people’s trusted jeweler for every important moment in life,” Iva said. “We want to tell their stories. Our vision is to create a brand that is loved and known around the world for its friendly service, high-quality custom designs, and transparency.”

Taylor & Hart Takes a Meaningful Approach to Gift-Giving

When shopping at Taylor & Hart, you can let your imagination run wild and create a love symbol unique to you and your partner. You can use the cloud-based platform to design a custom-made engagement or wedding ring to make the occasion that much sweeter and more personalized.

Thanks to Taylor & Hart, couples don’t have to settle for generic or overpriced pieces of jewelry. They can turn to this innovative jewelry e-seller for quality work, unique designs, and affordable pricing. Whether you’re picking out a diamond ring or a pair of earrings, you can find or create a memorable gift through Taylor & Hart.

“We give our engagement rings a personal story that carries far more emotion than a ready-made ring ever can,” Iva said. “What is most inspiring is the opportunity for our customers to start with a blank canvas and design an engagement ring that is full of meaning.”