Teen Mom Star Makes A Sex Tape How Do You Get Your Girlfriend To Make One Too

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“Teen Mom” Star Makes a Sex Tape: How to Get Your Girlfriend to Make One Too

Jordan Harbinger
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“Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham recently made a sex tape with the reigning king of porn, James Deen.

The sex tape has become a rite of passage for Z-grade television stars, but what about the average dude looking to capture his own sex life on video?

I’m going to cover the ins and outs of getting your girl naked and crazy on camera with you.

1. Bring her into your porn life.

Are you still watching porn alone? It’s the 21st century, dude. Tons of women are into watching porn.

If you’re looking to get your girl into a sex tape, you need to start by watching porn together.

The best way to do this? Ask her what she’s into. Take her to the local adult store and have her pick some things out for the two of you to watch together.

If she’s not game for that, try just pushing the envelope with sexier films you can find at your local Blockbuster…if indeed you have a local Blockbuster.

2. Tell her how hot she is.

The biggest resistance you’re going to find to getting her to do a sex tape with you is the general female insecurity about how they look.

Put simply, she’s not going to want to make a sex tape with you because she feels less attractive than the airbrushed, silicone ladies who appear in most porn. It’s your job to make her feel just that sexy.

Whether you’re in the boudoir or just heading out for the night, make sure she knows how hot and sexy you think she is. It’s going to make her a lot more willing to get on camera with you.


“One of her fears is you’re going

to show it to anyone with eyes.”

3. Buy her sexy lingerie.

Buying her sexier lingerie gives her something to wear when you two break out the camera. It’s also a bit of a dress rehearsal for the day when you two finally make your video together.

If she’ll wear some lingerie you bought for her, you’ve bridged half of the distance to getting her to have sex with you on camera.

Consider asking her to snap a couple pictures of herself in what you purchased on her phone, if nothing else.

4. Clean your place.

Women don’t like having sex in a dirty apartment. Even less, they don’t like making a sex tape in a dirty apartment.

Change the sheets, pick up and light a few candles while you’re at it. Creating a romantic atmosphere is one of the best ways for you to have her feeling comfortable about getting down and dirty in front of the camera.

5. Tell her she can keep it.

This is the biggie. One of her other fears is you’re going to show it to anyone with one or more eyes.

How do you get around that? Let her keep the tape when you’re done.

It’s not the 80s and it’s a lot easier for the entire world to see what was supposed to just be between the two of you.

Letting her hold on to the incriminating evidence makes it a lot more likely the two of you will make it in the first place.

6. Don’t be a critic.

If you ever want to make another sex tape — or have sex with her again — keep your comments to yourself. Wish she did something differently? Keep it to yourself.

And remember, gents: Making the second one is a lot easier than making the first.

Which tip did you find most helpful for getting your girlfriend to make a sex tape? Guys, I’d love to hear what worked for you!

Photo source: visualphotos.com.