Tentsile Tree Tents Shelter Couples On Camping Trips

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Tentsile’s Award-Winning Tree Tents Can Shelter Couples on Romantic Camping Trips

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Tentsile has taken the camping experience to new heights by pioneering a design for Tree Tents and Giant Hammocks that can fit up to six people. Its tree tents are essentially covered hammocks that are made of durable mesh and hang by using three trees as anchor points. This unique camping gear comes with a waterproof cover and has enough space to allow occupants to stretch out. Tentsile offers a variety of different tree tents, including multilevel setups, and many of them are perfect for outdoorsy couples who want to lounge, cuddle, and sleep suspended in the trees. For couples who want to enjoy the magic of a two-person Tree Tent, get your 20% discount using this code: couples20.

Growing up, I went camping every year with my Girl Scout Troop, and I learned a lot about starting campfires, cooking s’mores, and pitching tents. So, when my college boyfriend invited me to go camping with his buddies, I thought I could impress him with my outdoor skills.

Little did I know that there would be neither tents nor s’mores on this trip. My boyfriend and his friends liked to travel light, so they brought hammocks instead of tents. Well, most of them brought hammocks. The only other couple on the trip decided to shoulder the extra weight and bring a tent that was just big enough for the two of them.

I must say, I was pretty jealous of that couple’s cozy setup as I sealed myself into a lonely hammock burrito for the night.

Photo of a couple in a Tentsile

Tentsile tree tents can offer campers the perfect balance between comfort and spaciousness. Photo by Tomkahler Lowres.

Hammocks may be compact, but they’re not ideal for couples who want to cuddle up under the stars. However, pitching a tent isn’t always feasible either, especially if you have to carry it through wooded and rocky terrain.

Fortunately, Tentsile has developed innovative tree tents to equip campers with the best of both worlds. Architect, treehouse designer, and outdoor enthusiast Alex Shirley-Smith designed a unique product that combines the versatility of a hammock with the protection of a tent.

The idea began as a collapsible treehouse, and it became an outdoor adventure sensation as word spread about its luxurious comfort and easy setup.

Tentsile has effectively changed the way people camp by offering tent-like hammocks that are big enough for one, two, three, or even six people to sleep in at once. You can elevate your camping trips by setting up a Tentsile tree tent and sleeping among the trees rather than flat on the ground. This new-school camping equipment is less disruptive than tents and more couples-friendly than hammocks, so you don’t have to settle for a second-rate outdoor date.

As a sustainable company, Tentsile makes an effort to give back to the environment and the outdoor community with every sale, and it has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2020.

“Tentsile was founded out of a passion for trees and a mission to save the world’s forests,” Alex told us. “We believe that, if we’re all hanging out in trees, they cannot chop them down! We plant 20 trees for every unit we sell, and actively support local communities by creating alternative local economies, such as eco-tourism, to replace current deforestation activities.”

Suspended Like a Hammock & Covered Like a Tent

Tentsile has provided an instant upgrade to the camping experience by offering tensile, floating shelters with modular and stackable designs. The U.K.-based company currently ships its tree tents and giant hammocks to 172 countries worldwide.

Photo of a couple in a Tentsile giant hammock

You can hang out all day and night in a Tentsile tree tent. Photo by Carson Davis Brown.

All Tentsile’s tree tents are made with tear-resistant mesh to keep the bugs out, and they come with a waterproof rainfly to keep its occupants dry even in inclement weather. Tentsile’s original camping spaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes — from a one-, two-, or three-person Tree Tent to  a six-person Giant Hammock. Couples can take their pick and prioritize both comfort and convenience thanks to Tentsile.

Alex told us, “Our product range is not only the most fun, exciting, and comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and loved ones, but it is also the perfect way to connect with nature.”

The Tentsile team is so confident in the quality and affordability of its products that it offers a price-match promise and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Tentsile’s durable tents promise to provide cloud-like comfort along with a killer view of the outdoors. Campers can lounge in the tree tents all day with a book, a snack, or a loved one close at hand. It is both snug and roomy inside without leaving a footprint on the ground or harming the trees.

Alex called Tentsile’s two-person tree tents “a perfect, magical, and private hideaway.” These uplifting products give couples a lovely retreat where they can take in the beauty of their surroundings — or forget the outside world completely during a night of intimacy.

Reviewers Praise the Unique & Fun Gear

The typical Tentsile customer is between 24 and 55 years old, and goes camping quite a bit. These nature lovers and adventure seekers will often go online looking for camping gear that’ll enhance their experience or lighten their load, and that’s how they discover tree tents.

Many reviewers have commented that the tree tents made their camping trips easier and more comfortable, and some couples even noted that Tentsile acted as a wingman to a romantic trip.

Photo of a couple in a Tentsile tree tent

Want to sleep under the stars with a date? Tentsile has got you covered.

Joel said he and his girlfriend snuggled in the Flite 2-Person Tree Tent and were satisfied with how roomy it was. “Sleeping in it was really comfortable,” Joel said in a review. “The bottom of the tent is stretchy enough to relieve pressure, but firm enough to prevent any sagging. Much more comfortable than a night in a tent or hammock.”

Joel called tree tents “way more fun than conventional camping” and urged anyone on the fence to take a chance on this product.

The Connect 2-Person Tree Tent has helped couples celebrating long weekends, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions. Kathleen Hinkle said she immediately fell in love with Tentsile’s quality products and environmental mission.

“Perfect, comfortable fit for myself and my husband,” she said in her review. “I also love the company’s pledge to plant 20 trees as well as the little extra products they throw in the bag. For once, I felt like a company wanted to give a very good product.”

Alex said he’s been gratified to see so many outdoorsy singles, couples, and families embracing Tentsile and writing five-star reviews for its products. The company has also been heralded by the media as a pioneer in the camping space, and it was even featured by NYC’s Museum of Modern Art in 2016.

Planting the Seeds for a Better Tomorrow

The Tentsile company is currently split between offices in the U.K. and the U.S. The idea began with Alex, but it has become the passion project of several enthused marketing experts, designers, and industry leaders.

Photo of a Tentsile tree tent

Tentsile’s tree tents are basically portable treehouses designed for camping comfort.

The lean team has grown organically and pulled talent from a variety of unexpected places. For instance, Tentsile’s current Sales Director used to be a teacher and its Operations Director started out as a carpenter. The team’s diversity of skill sets and experiences has served Tentsile well and allowed it to adapt its products to meet the times.

From the outset, Tentsile has endeavored to fight deforestation and protect the trees and forests of the world. Its environmental mission has been central to the company’s growth. For every tent or hammock it sells, Tentsile makes a donation to a nonprofit to have 20 trees planted. Since 2012, the company has supported the planting of over 650,000 trees in Madagascar, Zambia, and Oregon.

Tentsile also donates 1% of its annual revenue to an environmentalist charity called 1% For the Planet. Over the years, Tentsile has aligned with many nonprofits that share its conservationist view. Its environmental partners include Leave No Trace, Carbon Neutral, WeForest, and the Eden Project.

From minimizing paper use to recycling returned products, Tentsile is proud to operate an environmentally friendly business model that supports the growth and health of the natural world.

Tentsile: A Comfortable Way to Swing with a Partner

I’d thought camping with my boyfriend would be a romantic experience, but I was sadly mistaken. A pair of one-person hammocks put enough distance between us to effectively kill the mood and keep us apart. When going on a camping trip, some couples need a middle ground between a compact hammock and a full-size tent, and that’s where Tentsile comes in.

Photo of two women in a Tentsile hammock

It’s easy to keep your spirits up when you’re relaxing in a Tentsile hammock or tree tent.

The Tentsile tree tents and giant hammocks provide a luxurious amount of space with a fun, collapsible design that can be rolled up and packed away within minutes. These products are perfect for campers who want to travel light during the day and sleep in comfort at night.

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure with a loved one, you should add a two-person tree tent to your gear to ensure you make the most of your time together.

Tentsile is a company built by nature lovers for nature lovers, and it supports many environmental causes to ensure today’s forests will be around to delight and shelter many generations of campers.

As Alex put it, “Tentsile is proud to continue its path toward becoming more sustainable, fighting worldwide deforestation, and creating ways to help more and more people enjoy being in forests.”