The 1 Problem With Singles Looking For Love

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The #1 Problem with Singles Looking for Love

Suzanne Muller
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Being unprepared is the number one problem for singles looking for love.

What do I mean by this? Being prepared means you have done the personal work to be ready for a relationship.

I rode the dating merry-go-round for eight long years. I thought if I just dated enough people, one of my dates would ignite a spark and my search would be over.

I suffered many heartbreaks and disappointments.

I settled for people I knew were not a good match for me and stayed longer in relationships than I should have.

Finally, I got fed up with my approach. It dawned on me that preparing my own heart for love was more important than finding the next cute person to date.

I realized it was time to look within and the journey began to transform this area of my life.

I grabbed many books. I got a coach. I hibernated in my room and learned. I discovered how to honor and love myself like never before.

I understood what I brought to the table as a woman and person. I became skilled at having men want more of me.

Ultimately, I was fulfilled as a woman and my eyes and heart were wide open to be loved.

It was in that state that I met Stefan. We fell in love in a matter of days, something I would not have been ready to let happen before.

Today, I’m in the most unbelievable relationship and feel like the luckiest person alive.

“You need skills to sustain

and build a quality relationship.”

Why is preparing for the relationship the key to success?

1. You have to be able to see her when she shows up.

If you have taken the time to be clear about what you really want, you will be able to fall in love when you see her.

2. You must be someone who loves and honors himself.

If you love and honor yourself, you will attract the kind of women capable of having the relationship you want. It’s sexy!

3. Relationships don’t stay great just by luck.

You need skills to sustain and build a quality relationship.

What can you do today to prepare your own heart for love? Are you willing to fall in love in a few days and have it be a wonderful experience that lasts?

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