The Best Thanksgiving Opener Ever

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The Best Thanksgiving Opener Ever

David Wygant
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Attention men: Thanksgiving is here, the four-day holiday where people stuff their faces silly. Then when Friday suddenly becomes black, there are amazing deals at the stores.

Guess what happens then? Women go shopping crazy!

Here are a couple of epic openers to help you meet women from now until Cyber Monday:

1. The Poor, Pathetic Me Opener

You walk into a supermarket. You find women shopping for Thanksgiving food. What you do is grab a trolley and put frosted flakes and milk inside of it – nothing else. Just grab some cereal and milk like you’re a little kid.

The minute you see an attractive woman, make sure her shopping cart is overflowing with goodies, and then walk right over to her. Look her straight in the eyes and say, “That looks so good. I haven’t had a Thanksgiving meal like that in so long.”

Immediately she’s going to look in your basket and see your frosted flakes and milk. Give her a smile and say, “Yeah. Pathetic isn’t it? This is my Thanksgiving dinner.”

“It’s a great time to open

conversations with women.”

2. The Black Friday Special Opener

Deals, deals, deals. Women are looking for deals everywhere they go. They’re going shopping crazy and it’s your chance to capitalize.

Here’s what you do…

You walk over to a woman, grab something off the shelves, look at her and say, “This is what I want for Thanksgiving and it’s the perfect day to buy it for me right now. Look it’s on sale. I know we barely know each other, but I know you want to treat me right over the holidays.”

It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s ballsy. It works! Then for the rest of the weekend, you shop, hang out and talk.

Women are walking inventory right now. They just went to Grandma’s house and felt terrible when they turned up without a boyfriend again.

Grandma didn’t help because she asked, “Another Thanksgiving you’re on your own? How come my beautiful granddaughter isn’t married yet? Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”

Women are emotional wrecks during the holidays, and as much as I hate to say it, it’s a great time to use that emotional sensitivity to open conversations with them.

Get out of your head. Use these tips. Have a great weekend, and you’ll thank me come Monday!

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