The Dating Red Flag

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The Dating Red Flag

David Wygant
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You’re dating a woman. Everything seems perfect. You start confessing how you feel.
She tells you about how much you mean to her. She says all the right things.
You reach out to her when she really needs you the most. You take time away from work to call her up and make sure she’s OK when she’s having a really bad day.

Then all of sudden, you’ve got something heavy happening in your life. You explain it to her. You tell her you’d like to talk about it so you can get out of your head.

She tells you she’s busy.

Whoa, wait a sec… Busy? How does that make you feel?

Welcome to the first red flag in dating.

It happens all the time. And it’s something a lot of guys just ignore.

But I’m telling you now: Never ignore red flags.

When you do, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible relationship.

There are so many men out there that are genetically designed to wow women — it’s in their DNA.

It’s in their DNA to claim a woman. It’s in their DNA to protect a woman. It’s in their DNA to honor a woman.


“You’ve got to respect yourself in

order to have a great relationship.”

You’ve got to pay attention to the red flags.

When those flags arrive, you better address them immediately.

You’ve got to call this woman out on her stuff. Don’t allow the behavior to continue.

If a woman continues to ignore your needs in the beginning, then she’s going to walk all over you later in the relationship.

She’s probably even done this to lots of other guys, but they never said anything so now her behavior continues.

Nip it in the bud early!

You want a healthy, great relationship? Then I strongly suggest when that red flag comes up, you talk about it instantly.

Don’t hesitate and don’t worry if she doesn’t like you anymore.

It’s all about you and your needs. It’s about self-respect. You’ve got to respect yourself in order to have a fabulous, great relationship.

Let me ask you:

Have you noticed any red flags in your past relationships that you didn’t tackle immediately? What happened to that relationship?

Did you break up because of the red flags, or did you keep quiet and live with them? Tell me in the comments below.

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