The Most Important Things You Should Talk About On First Dates

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The Most Important Things You Should Talk About On First Dates

Eduard Ezeanu
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So, you’re going on a first date? That means you’re probably wondering what you should talk about with the other person.

You want to pick suitable topics and make a great impression. The rule of thumb on a first date is to keep the conversation light, fun and casual.

It’s best to talk about subjects that aren’t too serious or heavy, subjects both you and your date can relate to so you’ll get to know each other.

With this in mind, here are the top five conversation topics for a first date.

1. Hobbies.

Everybody has hobbies, even if they may not call them that. These are things they do outside of work and take pleasure in.

The hobbies may vary from one person to another, but everyone has hobbies. For this reason, it’s a good idea to talk about this subject.

Ask your date what they like to do in their free time to find out about their hobbies, and ask further questions to learn more about these hobbies and keep them talking.

Talk about your own hobbies as well and give your date a chance to get to know what you enjoy doing. In particular, talk about your shared hobbies.

2. Dreams.

I don’t mean dreams you have while you sleep. I mean things one dreams to achieve in the future. I mean a fuzzier version of goals.

When people talk about their dreams, it gets them imagining a bright, shiny future and makes them feel good. This is a great way to make the conversation positive.

Dreams are a reflection of who a person is on the inside. It’s one of the best ways to get to know somebody. Don’t hesitate to bring up this topic. Talk about your dreams and ask your date about theirs.

“A first date is about two people

getting to know each other.”

3. Travel.

Almost everybody travels these days, and their traveling experiences are some of the most fun and interesting experiences they go through.

It’s why people love to talk about their travels, and they love to learn about other people’s travels as well. This makes traveling a good conversation topic for a first date.

When you talk about traveling, the trick is to not be vague and succinct. On the contrary, go into details, share stories, describe places you’ve seen using vivid words and talk about the way they made you feel.

This will make what you say more stimulating and interesting.

4. Funny stories from your past.

As the conversation picks up and you and your date get more comfortable with each other, it becomes opportune for the two of you to share amusing experiences from your past: things you did as a child, funny incidents you went through and so on.

This is one of the top ways to spice up a conversation and deepen your connection. If both of you are laughing while making conversation, it’s a sure sign your date is a success.

Have a few funny stories from your past ready and see how you can weave them into the conversation on your date.

5. Books and blogs.

I’m going to assume you’re going on a date with a person whom you believe reads at least once in a while, either books, blogs or both.  Making this assumption, I advise you to talk about this subject.

Ask your date what they like to read or what they’ve read lately. Talk about what you enjoy reading as well.

Not only are you likely to find some common ground, but books and blogs are two vast subject matters. You can probably talk about this for a long time and have a quality conversation.

Choose good conversation topics and your first date has much better chances of going well. No matter what you talk about, remember to have fun.

A date isn’t about performing in front of another person. It’s about two people getting to know each other and savoring an experience together.

Enjoy your first date!

Eduard Ezeanu teaches men and women how to be witty and confident when talking to people and helps them create a great impression in any type of social setting. He also writes on his blog, Art of Confidence.

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