The Worst Things A Guy Can Do When Kissing A Girl

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The Worst Things a Guy Can Do When Kissing a Girl

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As any single person knows, a first kiss can be the most nerve-racking part of the dating experience.

Don’t worry, guys. We’re here to save you from humiliation and from being forever referred to as “Trouty Mouth” by your date and her friends (yes, that is a real nickname for one of our exes.)

We sincerely hope we don’t have to cover the obvious etiquette, such as pop an Altoid beforehand and avoid drowning yourself in cologne.

Instead, we’d like to cover (in our opinion) the most important things to remember – the don’ts. So please, for the love of Gosling, avoid these first kiss mistakes:

1. Kissing in a public place

People feel very differently about public displays of affection, but generally a first kiss is not something that’s meant to go down in front of a live studio audience.

We’ve all had dudes move in for the kiss in high-traffic locations and we were all horrified by it.

One of our dates actually got up in the middle of a crowded restaurant and attacked us while we were still in our seat. Can you say terrifying?

Of course, it’s not always possible to be completely alone, but a dimly-lit street corner or front stoop is perfect.

2. Picking the wrong moment

Did your date just finish telling you about her favorite childhood pet that died when she was 8? Are you listening to her passionately describe her work for Teach for America? It’s probably not the best time to try planting one on her.

Paying attention to the mood and general atmosphere of the date will help set the stage for something romantic rather than comically inappropriate.

“Don’t open your mouth super

wide (looking at you, Trouty Mouth).”

3. Using too much tongue. Or lips. Too much anything, really.

Repeat after us, guys: Less. Is. More.

Please don’t make us choose between kissing you and breathing.

We know you’re attracted to us. We know you’re excited. And that’s hot! But the mechanics of a kiss are important, and a general rule of thumb is to keep it simple, especially in the beginning.

Don’t open your mouth super wide (looking at you, Trouty Mouth). Don’t give your date an unwanted tonsillectomy. Don’t go crazy licking or kissing her everywhere.

Basically, start slowly and leave us wanting more.

4. Getting handsy

Slow your roll, guys. There’s plenty of time for copping a feel later.

If things go well, a first kiss can definitely lead to a full-blown make-out session (or if you’re lucky, even more). If that happens, feel free to get…touchy.

But during that first time, it’s a good call to focus on the kiss rather than feeling someone up who you met an hour ago.

Put it this way: If the kiss sucks, you may actually never get the chance to be handsy. And what a shame that would be.

5. Waiting too long to make a move

This is not a free pass to go for gold in the first 10 minutes of meeting someone, which is equally terrible.

Our general rule of thumb is if things are going well, go for the kiss by the end of the second date.

A first date kiss is not required, but by all means, if you’re feeling it, go for it. The thing is if you wait too long, we’re going to assume you’re just not interested.

Our final little piece of advice is have a sense of humor! If things get a bit awkward (let’s be honest, that’s always a possibility), just laugh it off.

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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