This 1 Thing Will Make You Attractive To Every Woman

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This 1 Thing Will Make You Attractive to Every Woman

Robert Rodriguez
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When it comes to attraction, many times we can forget that attraction can be simple.

In terms of most guys, they usually overthink and try to guide interactions step by step to get to a goal they have in mind.

That’s definitely a good intention. However, you need to be more loose and flowing with women.

Create attraction by being fun.

Fun is usually an illogical and very present state of mind that allows you to react in the moment and express yourself with more enthusiasm. Fun is when you are uninhibited and free-flowing.

What makes fun a special state of being is it is your connection with your true self. The illogical side of the brain is where fun mostly comes from, and it is the part that allows you to react to people with your emotions.

As we all know, women are considered to be more skilled at conveying their emotions and ability to be perceptive.

A good example of this would be to go to a dance club. While you are there, notice that mainly women will be dancing and flowing freely just like water flows in the ocean.

As an experiment, you can try going up to dancing women with yourself in two states of mind. First, try approaching in a purely logical state of mind. Then try approaching in a fun state of mind.

It will be obvious to you women will be OK with you if you are having fun or will reject you if you are not having fun.

“The key is to have

fun for yourself.”

Let your actions stem from your emotions.

And let your emotions guide you.

When you guide your interactions using your logic and preplanned rigid moves or words, women will notice you are too disconnected from your true self.

In your logical state of mind, you have become more like a shell of the true you, a mask you have created.

When you are having fun, all your walls come down and your true inner being starts to shine through. You can be thankful women want to see your true self rather than a mask you are using to impress.

A quick exercise you can do to get yourself in a fun mindset is to tell yourself, “I am going to have fun for me.”

The key is to make sure you are not having fun for anyone else but yourself. You are not having fun for the girl. Your fun is only dependent on yourself.

Flow with the movement of emotion and let your emotions guide you in an intimate dance with the women around you. It’s much easier and much more effective for attracting women into your world.

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