Want To Be Good At Online Dating Date Like A Woman

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Want to Be Good at Online Dating? Date Like a Woman

Heather Brown
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You’ve probably heard a downhearted male friend say, “Online dating is so much easier for women. They just have to be pretty and they’ll get a date,” or you may have even uttered it yourself.

Although women may make online dating seem effortless, behind the scenes they are beavering away to make sure they find the perfect partner.

With a bit of effort, you could follow their lead.

1. Women are more proactive than men.

Women are generally more proactive and organized when it comes to online dating.

To be more proactive yourself, you should sign into your account regularly, keep your profile and photos up to date, send lots of messages, reply to messages and add people to your favorite list.

2. Women write more than men.

When it comes to writing a dating profile, men seem to write a lot less than women, preferring to sum up their whole life in two lines instead of writing two paragraphs.

Although it’s never a good idea to ramble, try to write at least 100 words about what makes you who you are.

A ridiculously short profile gives the impression you can’t be bothered to make an effort and may make people think you are lazy.


“Women are generally more proactive

when it comes to online dating.”

3. Women put more photos up.

You wouldn’t put your house up for sale with one blurry photo taken from 100 feet away, but for some reason, a lot of men think it is OK to add a photo to their profile as an afterthought.

Instead of adding any old photo, try to add a good, clear head shot and a selection of photos that tell people more about you and what you like doing.

Also, try to alternate your profile picture from time to time, as different photos will appeal to different people.

4. Women get their friends to help.

Once you’ve written your profile, it is a good idea to get a close friend or family member to look over it.

Make sure you choose someone who knows you well and is willing to be very honest with you. After all, “It looks good,” won’t really help you improve your profile.

It’s important to note not all women work hard to find a partner, and there are a lot of men who do invest time and effort into ensuring they make the most of online dating.

Guys, which tips are you going to use to become better at online dating?

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