What Does Dating And Paul Anka Have In Common

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What Does Dating and Paul Anka Have in Common?

David Wygant
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Are any of you old enough to remember Paul Anka’s cheesy ’70s song “You’re Having My Baby”?

It’s a really funny pop song from the ’70s. Look it up and listen to it.

It seems like it’s a theme in Hollywood nowadays – older people having babies.

Halle Berry just knocked a kid out at 47 years old. By the time that kid is 20, her mom is going to be close to 70. I don’t think that is fair to a child.

I remember when I was a kid growing up. My dad was only 25 years older than me. He was able to play sports with me, though not very well, but he was still able to do that.

Imagine Halle Berry’s kid takes a softball and says, “Hey Mom, you want to throw?” Mom looks at the kid and says, “Not today, honey. Arthritis is kicking up.”

Having kids is a young person’s business, but it seems like all over the world older people are having kids. These are people who will leave their kids without parents for most of their lives.

Think about this…

If you’re 50 years old and have a baby, by the time your kid is 30, you’re going to be 80 years old. The chances of you still living are 50 percent – maybe even less!

I lost my dad when I was 32 years old, and I kind of feel ripped off in many ways. Yeah, I was never tight with my dad, but it would’ve been cool to play fantasy football with him now because I know he would have gotten a kick out of it.

Because of my dad, I live with the curse of being a New York Jets fan.

There are things I could have related to my father as we got older, and I could have learned many interesting things from him.

He may not have been a great father when I was young, but I think he would have been an interesting influence on my life as I got older.

“The reason the father is

crawling is because his hips hurt.”

Celebrities are having kids at ridiculously old ages.

Bruce Willis had a kid when he was 57 years old. Alec Baldwin had a kid in his 50s, too. When these kids graduate high school, their fathers are basically hobbling around in a walker.

I don’t know about you, but I think many people, as they get older, have kids for selfish reasons and don’t think about how it’s going to impact the child’s life in the long run.

In life, sometimes you need to think outside yourself.

How do you feel about having kids at an old age?

What do you think when you read about a 65-year-old guy who knocked up a woman and got her pregnant? All of a sudden, a little baby is crawling with him. The reason the father is crawling is his legs and hips hurt him from walking too much.

How does it make you feel when you read about this? I want to get your opinion.

Photo source: 45cat.com.