What To Do When A Girl Cancels A Date

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What To Do When a Girl Cancels a Date

David Wygant
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So you’ve got this great date set up. You met her. You texted back and forth. You set up a date for Wednesday.

She’s hot. She’s got the face of Kim Kardashian and the butt of Scarlett Johansson, and she absolutely drives you wild. You waited so long to date a hot one like this.

You send her a confirmation text and then … crickets.

Here’s what you do:

1. Ask Yourself If She’s Canceling for a Good Reason

You start thinking “Is she flaking?” Sure enough she sends you a text at 3 p.m., and it goes something like this:

“So sorry. I’m not a flake. But I’m just not feeling good today, and I’d like to go home after work and just relax. Maybe another time?”

Your heart sinks. This face of Kardashian, butt of Johansson goddess has just blown you off.

Is she canceling?

Women will cancel dates. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Immediately you think to yourself “I have been blown off.” You start thinking “screw her.”

Well, you probably won’t screw her if you think that way, but you’re like “Screw her. I’m not going to go to her. Let her chase me.”

And that’s your big mistake that will probably keep you from ever going out with Miss Kardashian-Johansson.

Women will cancel dates. It doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

2. Think About How Many Times You’ve Canceled a Date

Think about yourself. How many times have you canceled a date because something came up? You weren’t in the mood, or you were just not feeling, right?

She didn’t tell you she didn’t like you. She didn’t tell you you’re a loser and you won’t ever get another date with her.

She was just probably trying to feel better all day long. When she finally realized she couldn’t feel better, she decided to make the call and blow you off.

3. Respond to Her; Don’t Ignore Her

It’s real simple. You send her a text saying “I totally understand. I hope you feel better. Let’s figure it out tomorrow when we can plan again with a smiley face.”

She’ll probably respond to you and say thank you for understanding.

You’re a man of your word. You don’t care. You don’t allow her actions to affect you in any way. It shows a sign of weakness.

So what do you?

You don’t allow her actions to affect you in any way. It shows a sign of weakness.

So the next day you wake up and send her a text:

“How are you feeling today? Just checking in. Hope you’re feeling better.”

That’s it. She’ll come back to you with a text.

The next text you send her is:

“Alright, let’s figure out when we’re going to do this rain check. What works for you next week?”

4. Don’t Let It Affect You

You don’t allow her to affect you. You don’t assume that she doesn’t want to be with you.

You pursue her, and you do it with no ego involved.

I have found the majority of times women will get together with me again. They only blew me off because they were telling the truth. The few times they didn’t get back to me and they were blowing me off for other reasons, I didn’t care because life is abundant.

You can’t care about one girl.

So that’s what you do if a girl blows you off.

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