What To Get Your Girlfriends Mom For Mothers Day

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4 Good (& 13 Bad) Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Your Girlfriend’s Mom

Kara Pound
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When you’re in a relatively new relationship and a holiday shows up, it’s difficult to know the proper etiquette to follow. For example, say Valentine’s Day is next week and you’ve only been dating this girl for a month. What do you do? You can’t ignore the fact that every store is hawking flowers and chocolates and the TV is saturated with diamond commercials. The answer is you invite her to a mellow dinner, somewhere without a 10-course Valentine’s special, and get her a single pink rose —  simple, classy and thoughtful.

Do you get your girlfriend’s mom a present? There isn’t a yes or no answer to this one. It totally depends on how serious the relationship is and if the girlfriend’s mom lives locally. If you have more money than you know what to do with, feel free to send a Mother’s Day bouquet. If you’re on a budget, a simple e-card will do wonders. If you’ve been invited to a Mother’s Day function where the lady who birthed your girlfriend will be, bring at least a card and one long-stemmed rose.

Say you’re either engaged or married to the woman’s daughter, a whole different “gift giving” bracket takes effect. The way to keep harmony within a family is to make the matriarch happy. Depending on her tastes and expectations, this could run you a few dollars for a bouquet of daisies to $100 for an over-the-top box of chocolate-covered strawberries. In this case, feel free to ask your girlfriend for advice.

Again that’s:

  1. A Mother’s Day bouquet
  2. A simple e-card
  3. A card with one long-stemmed rose
  4. Chocolate-covered strawberries

13 Horrible Gift Ideas

Here is a list of a few things to stay away from when it comes to buying a Mother’s Day gift for your lady’s mama:

  1. Undergarments
  2. Massage oil
  3. Lingerie
  4. Perfume
  5. Makeup
  6. A stripper pole
  7. A bikini wax kit
  8. A nose hair trimmer
  9. Money
  10. A bathroom scale
  11. A best friends necklace
  12. A self-help book
  13. Novelty joke items

Just remember, when it comes to your girlfriend’s mom, quality is better than quantity. Pick her a bouquet of wildflowers or make her a handmade card. It will go over much better than a membership to the gym or a gift certificate for cooking classes. Good luck!