What Your Home Says About You

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What Your Home Says About You

Kara Pound
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Guys, listen up! What your house, apartment, condo or RV looks like is a direct indication of who you are. Sorry, but it’s true. Take for instance my husband.

When I met him, he had a large condo by the beach with completely stark white walls. His stepmother had adorned his bachelor pad in high-quality furniture, but there were zero to no tchotchkes or accoutrements.

For me, a person highly interested in interior design, this was a good sign. It meant that if I were to snag this man, he would pretty much let me do what I wanted as far as dressing our home. I was right.

A home filled with clutter.

I don’t mean just basic mail on the countertops and guitar picks in a cereal bowl, but borderline hoarding. Rest assured, she will know what she’s getting herself into.

If she doesn’t mind living like a nuclear bomb went off, then I encourage her to keep dating you, you messy man. If she knows an anxiety attack is the least of her worries with clothes on the floor and laundry left in the dryer, then please tell her to move on.

Maybe this new gal has only met your representative — you know, the best guy you put forward when meeting someone new.

Are you being yourself? Are you throwing your dirty underwear on the ground and leaving it there for three days? If so, and she’s still sticking around, then you’ve met your match.

Or say you’re an artsy carpenter who has adorned your home in mosaic tiles and custom furniture, but she appreciates mass-produced furniture from a chain store. Good luck with that one.

All snarky sarcasm aside, what your home looks like and how the new girl reacts to it is a direct indication of so many more things to come.

At first, it’s just a disagreement over a sofa. Then, it’s how to plan the wedding. Then, it’s about child rearing. Look for someone who accepts you for you — blemishes, bad wallpaper choices and all.