Why You Dont Want To Date Like A Kardashian

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Why You Don’t Want to Date Like a Kardashian

David Wygant
David Wygant Updated:
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Did you see one of the latest lead stories on one of the major search engines?

The lead story was, “A Look Back at Kim Kardashian‘s Love Life.”

Who cares? Have you watched the show? She’s awful.

It’s ridiculous. It’s about people you don’t even know, people you’ll never meet and people you’ll never hang out with.

I could care less about them. Sure, they’ve all done well from the show. It’s been great for all their careers, but why people care enough to watch them is beyond me.

Have you looked back at your own love life?

Have you looked at your own dating history and asked yourself these important questions?

  • What did you learn from all your past relationships?
  • What is the pattern of your past relationships?
  • Do you know the type of woman you’re looking for?
  • Can you describe her, not physically (get your mind out of the gutter) but emotionally?
  • Do you know how you want her to love you and how you want to give a woman love?
  • Have you taken the time to process all of your past relationships so you’re able to formulate in your mind and in your heart what you want from the next?

“It’s time you deal with history and go on

to create a brand new present and future.”

This is crucial for success in dating.

I find most people haven’t done this exercise.

Men will spend time on the physical attributes. They’ll go to the gym and they’ll make themselves look a little bit better. They’ll work on their pickup routine and being able to approach women.

However, they won’t spend the necessary time going into their past and seeing what they’ve learned. I’m telling you from experience that you can’t move forward until you do.

In order to succeed in the future, you need to have learned the lessons from your past.

Think about it this way…

Do you remember when we were kids in history class and the teacher always said, “History repeats itself”?

How many wars have we been involved in? How many other mistakes have we made over and over again?

The reason why is because we don’t learn from history. You have a dating history. That dating history has all the answers for you to succeed in the present moment.

How many of you call yourself out on your past? How many of you understand what went wrong in past relationships and know how to avoid the same mistakes?

It’s time you deal with history, learn from it and go on to create a brand new present and future.

And stop worrying so much about what Kim Kardashian is doing!

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