10 Best Blogs For Wives

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10 Best Blogs for Wives

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Wives can be a broad group to cater to on the Web, with interests that are grounded in family and marriage but are by no means limited to just them.

We chose our 10 Best Blogs for Wives for their function and form, presenting women with rich and thoughtful content and more than a few laughs.

Bragging Rights: encouraging wives daily

Helping new brides cope with “the struggles and healing I encountered in my first few years of marriage,” Jennifer Smith has developed a serious following at Unveiled Wife through solid, original material. With an eye for great multimedia, she offers visitors her own prayer for the day, encouraging wives to be proactive about building the marriage they want.

Social Clout: 195,000+ likes, 10,500+ followers

URL: http://unveiledwife.com/

Bragging Rights: keeping Christ at the center of marriage

Darlene Schacht and her husband, Michael, have been married for 25 years, something the blogger and New York Times best-selling author turned into an online party for followers. Time-Warp Wife reaches a huge community of believers who thrive through openness, honesty and prayer.

Social Clout: 172,000+ likes, 8,049+ followers

URL: http://timewarpwife.com/

Bragging Rights: a passion for husband, home and family

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, this rugged and ready family of 10 is corralled by Lisa, Club 31 Women’s host. She brings their adventures in parenthood into a thoughtful look at the true priorities of wedded life. As much an album as a blog, she brings her content to life with art and design.

Social Clout: 69,890+ likes, 900+ followers

URL: http://club31women.com/

Bragging Rights: God’s design for wives and marriage

Peaceful Wife is a sharp blog that quickly admits it wasn’t written for husbands, but it is by no means disrespectful about it. The site offers calm and caring advice about nurturing the marriage and honoring the union. The material and the tone are warm and friendly, though often quite heavy in substance when needed.

Social Clout: 2,439+ likes, 1,301+ followers 

URL: http://peacefulwife.com/

Bragging Rights: laughs on every page

This great blogger understands that sometimes it’s a real struggle to listen to those who are struggling, but with wit and perseverance, she endures. The Warriors Wives is all about open communication, and the host strives to bring fresh perspective from not just published authors but also friends, heroes and strangers.

Social Clout: 1,365+ likes, 1,094+ followers

URL: http://www.thewarriorwives.com/

Bragging Rights: living authentic for Christ

Devoted Christians Liss and Drew open up their lives and marriage, both good and bad, to offer an honest glimpse at the issues facing today’s couples. From choices about kids, nutrition, home life and passion, they explore the things that bring spouses together, as well as drive them apart.

Social Clout: 974+ likes, 65+ followers

URL: http://www.loveuncensored.com/

Bragging Rights: a journey through marriage, motherhood and faith

Jen is the host of This Gal’s Journey, where she delivers a powerful resource for wives. In sections like “Musings of a Tired Mom,” she examines the wit and wisdom that comes from being fully exhausted by bedtime, while “Do You Need a Timeout?” looks at lulls in marriage.

Social Clout: 624+ followers, 610+ likes

URL: http://thisgalsjourney.wordpress.com/

Bragging Rights: entertaining for husbands, too

Chronicling the life of an intelligent and ambitious stay-at-home mom, Bitchin’ Wives Club explores the bitchin’ side of married life. The author’s sarcastic humor helps keep the perspective light and the pace free and loose. As a mom of three boys, she offers witty solutions for having too much testosterone in the house.

Social Clout: 566+ likes

URL: http://bitchinwivesclub.blogspot.com/

Bragging Rights: be loving wives while being strong women

Chelsea knows marriage means more than adding a new, permanent roommate to your life. It’s about family, celebration and laughter. At The New Wifestyle, she tackles issues of parenthood, partnership, religion and values. Family is at the center of every message, with several punchlines also peppered in.

Social Clout: 429+ likes, 317+ followers

URL: http://thenewwifestyle.com/

Bragging Rights: kickass site for anyone who’s ever been lied to

Beyond just a broken hearts club, Betrayed Wives Club looks at the reality of betrayal in marriages and the many ways both partners can work to avoid it. A great gathering place for those who’ve been burned, the site boils with wisdom and insight into how the married can still survive and thrive after that sort of deception.

URL: http://betrayedwivesclub.blogspot.com/

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