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10 Cutest Movie Relationships of All Time

Hayley Matthews

Movies always show a better version of life, especially when it comes to depicting relationships.

Check out these 10 cutest movie couples of all time. They’ll have you dreaming about your own fictional romance!

1. Allie and Noah

What’s not to adore about this couple? They have a love that can handle anything, from meddling mothers to failing memories. If he’s a bird, she’s a bird.

2. Minnie and Mickey

Everyone’s favorite mouse couple met just before “Steamboat Willie” was released in 1928, and they’ve been happily together ever since. Now that’s true love.

3. Sally and Harry

We knew they were destined to be together all along, even if it took them awhile to figure it out. We liked them as friends, but we love them as a couple.

4. Kat and Patrick

We couldn’t hate them, not even a little bit, not even at all. This modern Shakespeare take left us with midsummer nights’ dreams of a love like theirs.

5. Elizabeth and Will

Theirs is a relationship that will always beat the odds. If cursed gold and undead pirates couldn’t keep them from being together, then nothing could.

6. Anna and William

“Notting Hill” was all the proof we needed to know that love could be found anywhere – even between an English bookshop owner and a Hollywood star.

7. Han and Leia

Love isn’t easy, but these two showed us working through the good and bad can not only save your relationship but save the galaxy.

8. Fiona and Shrek

Appearances don’t matter when true love is concerned. These ogres may not look the best, but their relationship is one that makes us go “aww” every time.

9. Celine and Jesse

Time and distance couldn’t stop this love. Through their three different movies, they give us glimpses of a love that is destined to happen no matter what.

10. Melanie and Jake

Your first love can be your last, but there will be trials and tribulations to make it happen. We never could’ve forgiven Melanie if she actually divorced Jake.

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