12 Sundaes That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

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12 Sundaes That are Better Than a Boyfriend

Hayley Matthews
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July is National Ice Cream Month, which means you should be celebrating. What with the humidity, rain and heat, these sundaes are looking mighty fine.

And if you’re single, then take comfort in the fact that these sundaes won’t let you down.

12. Give Me Some S’more

 Give Me Some S'more

Your favorite campfire treat just took a sexy twist, and we can’t wait to help ourselves to some s’more.

11. Two Bananas Are Better Than One

Two Bananas Are Better Than One

Chic. Put together. Effortless. That kind of confidence just oozes sex appeal… or maybe that’s chocolate sauce.

10. Size Matters

Size Matters

Whoever said bigger doesn’t mean better is a liar. Hello, gorgeous!

9. Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out

This ice cream is too good to be true – look how fancy it is! Why are we so drawn to what we shouldn’t have?

8. Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

This tiramisu ice cream has all the mystique of a foreign country with all the comfort of home sweet home.

7. Sizzling Sweet

Sizzling Sweet

Some sundaes just have something extra special about them that draws us in. Here it’s bacon.

6. Two In One

Two In One

We find few things hotter than when two desserts are combined into one – talk about indulgence!

5. Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

This brownie sundae’s so hot that you can practically watch it melt. You could just tear the jar off, couldn’t you?

4. Old Favorite, New Position

Old Favorite, New Position

Apple pie but with a kick. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling you love from something totally new.

3. Dream Come True

Dream Come True

Your childhood fantasies of ice cream for breakfast are about to come true. Fruity Pebbles, meet ice cream.

2. Love to Dough It

Love to Dough It

Cooke dough ice cream, we could count the many ways we want to take you, but we’re drooling too much.

1. Favorite Filling

Favorite Filling

Sprinkles. Chocolate sauce. Ice cream. Donut. We can feel our faces get sticky just thinking about the hot, hot mess this would become.

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