2 Secrets To Keeping Your Man In Your Bed Part

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2 Secrets to Keeping Your Man in Your Bed (Part 2)

Dan & Mike
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We coach thousands of people every year in their relationships and one of the most popular questions we get from the ladies is, “How do I keep my man into me and not be another cheating statistic?”

As two straight male experts, the ladies are always eager to step into our complex male brains to uncover the answer to this great question.

Below are some of our top tips on how to keep your man in your bed.

1. Embrace your sexiness and don’t hold back.

Men tell us all the time they would prefer an overweight woman with a ton of sexual confidence over a model-type that lacks confidence in her body or in the bedroom.

Regardless of your body type, age or station in life, ALL women have something inside that is sexy and it must come out with their man.

Remember, confidence is key. Men love female swagger.

Sometimes this might mean getting out of your comfort zone by wearing something sexy you don’t find attractive at all but he very well may.

It might mean whispering something to him in the bedroom that is out of the ordinary for you but watching his reaction.

It might mean engaging in activities you are unfamiliar with, but communicate with him about these so you can identify fun things to do together.

We had a lady at our event who had never hiked before but her boyfriend loved hiking.


“Things that keep the man’s ego fed go

much further than a ‘freak in the sheets.'”

She got out of her comfort zone, didn’t hold back, surprisingly enjoyed it and even shared that her man is so much more relaxed and open when he is hiking with her. Now it is a weekly ritual for them.

Communication is important in this area because you don’t want to guess. Simply ask him.

2. Be interested in his work and hobbies.

Many women miss this one all together.

It’s one thing to ask him, “So how was your day at work today?” It’s an entirely different and powerful conversation on your next date night to ask him, “So what do you find most challenging about your job?”

Another great question to ask him, “What do you love MOST about ______ (pick a hobby, interest or aspect of his job)?”

We call these questions “separators” because they will separate you from other women he has ever experienced in his life.

Guys love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, so hand them the “soap box” and let them step on up.

Ladies, have fun with these and remember relationships are a two-way street. It’s equally important you share your own road map to success with him so he can keep you interested and turned on.

Notice how these secrets do NOT revolve around sex like so many women think. Trust us, little and consistent things that keep the man’s ego fed go much further than a “freak in the sheets.”

Ladies, which tips from part one or part two did you find most helpful for keeping your man in your bed?

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