4 Things That Will Improve Your Dating Life

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4 Things That Will Improve Your Dating Life

Janet Ong Zimmerman
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Dating can be enjoyable. Whether you have fun or not depends on your experiences with dating and how you perceive these experiences.

If you’ve been disappointed and heartbroken from lackluster results in your dating life, it’s understandable that you could be carrying the energy of disillusionment and skepticism on your dates.

Carrying this energy into your dating life is a sure way to guarantee more of the same dismal results.

Instead of continuing down this path, there is a better approach. Whether you’re new to dating or have been dating for a while, this approach lets you enjoy dating with more ease, attract quality dates and experience the positive side of dating.

Put these four practices into your dating life for the next 30 days and see the difference it makes.

1. Let a guy woo you.

The difference between wooing and dating is immense.

When you date a guy, you’re not sure where you stand or if he’s dating other women. When you let a guy woo you, you know what his intentions are because he’s pursuing you and only you. You see that he cares for you because his words, behaviors and actions match up.

2.  See through fresh eyes.

See every guy and dating experience through fresh eyes.

At times, you may have dating experiences that leave you disappointed or disheartened. If you hold on to this energy, no matter how attractive you are, dates will sense this energy and not be attracted to you.

Release negative energy by visualizing your ideal man and feeling the wonderful emotions that come up inside of you. This positive energy will let your inner beauty shine and attract more guys into your life.

“Dating is a means to find someone

special to share your life with.”

3. Be open.

Great guys come in all packages. Being closed off to certain types of guys (i.e. guys with receding hairlines, blue-collar guys, guys who dress a certain way) will have you missing out on some potentially great guys.

Be open by focusing more on a guy’s internal appearance so you can learn if he has a good heart and if he’s thoughtful, kind and loving.

4. Listen to your intuition.

If you feel something isn’t right about what your date is telling you, or that his behaviors and actions differ from his words, that’s your intuition speaking. Listen to and honor what it’s trying to tell you.

Take action instead of dismissing red flags. In doing so, you’ll decrease the time you spend with dates that aren’t right for you, leaving you more time for positive dating experiences.

Dating is a means to find someone special to share your life with. Replace disappointment and heartache by letting a guy woo you, seeing through fresh eyes, being open and listening to your intuition.

In doing so, you will attract better dates that will likely lead to someone special.

What are some practices you’ve used to improve your dating life? I’d love to learn about them in the comments section below.

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