5 Signs Hes Stringing You Along

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5 Signs He’s Stringing You Along

Jai Stone
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Have you ever dated a guy and found yourself confused about your relationship status? And every time you attempted to clarify things, you were met with a confusing commentary about “not putting labels on the relationship”?

Sounds a lot like Bella and Jacob in the “Twilight” saga, right?

Here’s the truth: If I cast YOU in the movie “Twilight,” you would be Jacob! Yes, you are very appealing and incredibly sexy, but you are just the bookmark that holds the place until the reader decides to turn the page.

Here’s how it works:

People will go to ENORMOUS lengths to get their needs met. Sexual vampires are easy to detect, but sometimes we miss the telltale behavior when it comes to emotional blood suckers.

When a person is in need of companionship, validation or sexual release, they enter into relationships to get a temporary “fix.” It’s an attempt to suppress negative feelings until their Edward appears.

A person will keep you twisting in the wind out of the fear of losing a source of fulfillment. That’s when you start to feel like you are chasing a kite you can’t quite catch.


“If you desire something more, then I

urge you to find your own Edward.”

So how do you know you are being strung along? Here are five sure signs:

  1. He won’t clearly define your relationship status.
  2. He won’t commit to an exclusive relationship.
  3. What he says and what he does don’t match up.
  4. He is physically or emotionally inaccessible to you.
  5. You sense he is indifferent when it comes to you.

Let me wrap this up with some advice:

I’m all about HEALTHY relationships, not relationships of convenience.

If you desire something more, then I urge you to put Mr. Bella on notice and find your own Edward.

Ladies, what are signs you look for that tell you you’re being strung along? How do you plan to change that and find your Edward?

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