5 Warning Signs That Youre Too Picky

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5 Warning Signs That You’re Too Picky

Emma Draper
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Do you have impossible-to-meet standards when you are dating?

We all like to have control when we are deciding whether to date someone, but beware of setting the bar so high that as soon as he doesn’t meet all 100 points on your perfect partner checklist, you say no.

There’s nothing wrong with having high standards — far from it! Here at Lovestruck.com, we want everyone to meet their perfect partner and live happily ever after (and some of our members have done just that!)

However, just because a potential date is not a concert pianist, triathlete or even has a weird obsession with “Game of Thrones,” that doesn’t mean you should kick him to the curb before he has even passed the start line.

Here are five signs you’re too picky:

1. Your list is too long

As we mentioned above, a shopping-style list of requirements when it comes to meeting the one is all very well and good — everyone is allowed to have a list like this.

1. Your list is too longHowever, important things like “He should make me happy” and “I should be able to totally trust him” should remain firmly at the top, while ridiculous requests like “He has to have blue eyes and drive an amazing sports car” are a bit limiting.

Don’t build up the image of what you perceive as the perfect partner in your mind because you might end up really disappointed.

2. Your mates tell you you’re picky

Friends are great, aren’t they? Not only do they champion you at every turn, but they can always be relied on to say it as it is.

Be it the fact that you need to ditch a bad relationship or be more open-minded when starting a new one, your mates will always have your best interest at heart. Listen up!

3. You can’t remember the last time you accepted a date

If you cast your mind back over the past few months and can’t remember the last time you said yes when someone asked you on a date, this is not a good sign.3. You can’t remember the last time you accepted a date

Don’t refuse dates unless you are convinced the person isn’t right for you.

While he might have kooky fashion sense or a weird beard, that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t make a good partner.

4. You want your relationship to be like the movies

Do you model your expectations on Hollywood films? Are you hoping to find your own Mr. Darcy? Erm, these are fictional characters, people!

Try not to have unrealistic expectations. Just because your date didn’t bring you flowers or was a bit late, that doesn’t mean the date is doomed from the start.

5. You judge people completely on looks

5. You judge people completely on looksWhile we are all for having chemistry, if you have a height requirement, a hair requirement, a figure requirement and a few other requirements (broad shoulders, great lips, etc.), then you might be cutting that special person out of your life before you’ve even met him.

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