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5 Ways to Keep Him Chasing After You

Julie Ferman

You’ve had a couple of really great dates. You like him, a lot. You think he likes you. What should you do now so you don’t mess it up?

As a professional matchmaker in Los Angeles, I get butterflies in my stomach when I hear from one of my female clients that the first couple of dates with a hot prospect have gone really well.

Here are my top five early dating tips to help you keep the guy chasing after you.

1. Let Him Be the Guy

Give him the opportunity to initiate dates with you versus you chasing him. Be responsive when he calls or texts. Be open and receptive to the types of dates he wants to go on, and be easy to please versus being fussy/picky about what you’re doing together.

Meet him on his terms, doing the kinds of things he naturally enjoys, and see how it feels to be in his world. If he’s a big, strong, powerful, accomplished man, he’s accustomed to calling the shots, and he will so appreciate a woman who lets him lead.

2. Show Lots of Respect and Appreciation

If he likes you, he’ll be showing off his feathers … telling you all about himself, his life, his accomplishments.

Listen attentively, let him finish his sentences, and always remember to thank him when he picks up the tab, when he opens doors for you, and when he demonstrates his concern for your safety or your happiness.

Listen attentively and always remember to thank him when demonstrates his concern for your happiness.

3. Be Fun and Playful 

While dating may seem like serious business when you’re looking for life-long love, if a guy’s not having fun with you, he’s not likely to stick around.

The best way to keep things light and fun on dates is to really be in the moment (Leave your history on the back-burner, and don’t worry about the future!).

Make it your mission to brighten his day, to bring a smile to his face, and to make him feel good. If he does, he’ll want to see more of you.

4. Let Him WIN With You

If a man thinks he can’t make you happy, he won’t stick around. My strong, powerful, successful gentlemen clients tell me they are looking for “a soft place to land” at the end of the day, and they don’t want to come home to an argument or to a woman who’s critical, judgmental, or negative.

Practice being easy to please, and when he asks for your ideas or suggestions, offer up several so you’re making it easy for him to make you happy.

5. Be Thoughtful and Generous

Watch for opportunities to show him your generosity. If he has taken you out a few times, you can offer to have him over for lunch or dinner at your place.

You also can meet up at the beach or at a park, and you can bring a picnic lunch or a backpack with goodies for a hiking adventure.

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