7 Surefire Signs Youre A Dating Addict

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7 Surefire Signs You’re a Dating Addict

Rachel Dack
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Searching for Mr. Right can be a numbers game (the more men you date, the more insight you have into what you are looking for and the higher the likelihood of meeting a great partner.)

However, it’s important not to get so attached to the search that you end up missing Mr. Right when he is in front of you.

30 men in 30 days

Unfortunately it has become a fad and source of bragging for some women to date 30 men in 30 days or something similar.

Photo of woman surrounded by men

Many women get caught up in the addictive nature.

While this sounds like a fun challenge, it is most likely hindering your ability to truly connect with men.

There are many single women who get caught up in the addictive nature of dating due to so many single men to choose from.

With numerous online dating, matchmaking and dating services and apps available and on the rise, it’s easy to become literally obsessed with dating.

After all, single men are accessible to you at all hours of the day and night from your phone or computer screen.

Instead of soaking in your surroundings while waiting for a friend or meeting to start or fully focusing on what you are doing, you can now click through hundreds of men at one time. Pretty cool, huh?

But it’s also potentially dangerous if you are not aware.

Due to the easiness of scouting out potential partners and the excitement that communication brings from eligible men during the routine of everyday life, it’s safe to say a dating addiction is a real-life problem for many singles.

You might be addicted to dating if

  1. You’re on a constant search for your perfect man
  2. You go through men quickly
  3. You fail to have relationships last longer than a month or two
  4. You easily ditch your other interests, friends, commitments and social life
  5. You think there is always someone better out there
  6. You choose to stay in instead of socialize while online dating
  7. You’re in a new relationship but hesitate to take down your profile

These are all huge signs dating is taking over your life.

If this sounds like you

If you are never satisfied, way too picky, get bored quickly or use dating as a means to cure boredom or spice up your life, it is a good time to revisit what dating means to you and how it serves a purpose in your life.

If this sounds like you

Try checking dating sites just once a day.

If the above signs of dating addiction resonate with you, re-evaluate what is going on for you, how you got to this place and what you can do to make valuable changes.

While it is important to be open to a variety of dating methods and put yourself out there to achieve the love you are looking for, it is imperative you date consciously and resist neglecting other areas of your life.

For optimal health and positive results with dating, strive to balance your dating goals with other important areas of your life.

Try something new like committing to checking online dating sites no more than once a day, saying yes to more second or third dates if you feel a possible growing connection or investing your energy into fewer men at once.

Although it might be a different course of action and more vulnerable than your current dating strategies, it will open you up to love in healthier, more satisfying ways and slow you down so you do not miss out on Mr. Right (in front of you).

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