7 Times Love At First Sight Can Actually Happen

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7 Times Love at First Sight Can Actually Happen

Judith Tutin
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Renee Zellweger explained it to Tom Cruise in “Jerry Maguire” with, “You had me at hello.” Many of us have experienced love at first sight.

According to a recent DatingAdvice.com survey, 57 percent of Americans believe it can happen. There are many reasons we meet someone and later proclaim, “It was love at first sight.”

You be the judge of whether these factors behind the love at first sight phenomenon reflect true love:

1. Your radar instantly detects your perfect match

Be it washed-out jeans, dirty blond hair and a copy of the very novel you are reading in hand, or a designer suit, expensive haircut and leather briefcase on-deck, a quick look reveals a lot about someone.

You compare the information with your perfect-mate template in nanoseconds, and it’s a match or not. It’s not just superficial. Appearance gives you information about a stranger. What you wear and carry signal some of the things you find important.

2. The feeling is mutual

Seeing someone who is appealing and sensing they feel the same about you is very compelling.

2. The feeling is mutualOccasionally one person says it was love at first sight, while the other not so much.

However, more often than not, it’s mutual.

Once your initial attraction is validated by the other person, confidence increases and you’re able to move forward to establish a connection quickly.

3. You’re both open to a new relationship

We all see many attractive people, but if you’re not in the market for a mate, they’re probably not going to be of much interest. You’re unlikely to move forward on mere appearance unless you’re ready to get involved.

It takes two to tango, so your love at first sight will likely happen when you’re both seeking a partner.

4. You have an immediate shared interest

You meet at a conference, the theater or a museum.4. You have an immediate shared interest

When you strike up a conversation, you talk about what you’re doing right now, making it feel easy and familiar.

This gives you a lot more to talk about from the get-go, eliminating those awkward first date silences and making it seem like a match made in heaven.

5. There’s chemistry

Whether it’s hormonal, olfactory, visual or gustatory is hard to say, but clearly there are forces at work that provide that magic something. You’ve either got it for someone or not.

It’s usually apparent very quickly. You meet someone and know immediately they’re date-worthy.

6. Familiarity breeds liking

You encounter someone and they remind you of a person from your past.

6. Familiarity breeds likingIt may or may not be a conscious thought.

We tend to feel comfortable with things we have experienced before.

The more a person reminds you of someone you’ve liked or loved, the more likely you will want to find out more about them.

7. The “I knew it all along” effect

Research has shown people think they know things all along that they didn’t really know at all. When we look back, our vision is 20:20. “Of course, I loved him at first sight … or did I?”

I’m not saying there is love at first sight, and I’m not saying there isn’t. But what’s the harm? It makes for a great romantic story.

(And if you think love at first sight can only happen in person, think again! Just give our 10 best dating sites a try and you’ll see!)

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