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A New Mode™ Gives Women Insights Into the Minds of Men With Personal Stories From Both Perspectives

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The Short Version: Created by a couple that turned into best friends, ANewMode.com is a leading lifestyle site that strives to help women understand men better, mixing real-life stories with detailed explanations from both perspectives. Since 2009, Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles have tackled almost every dating and relationship topic imaginable — from knowing if a guy likes you to making a long-distance relationship work to getting back together with an ex. And they do it all with thoughtfulness, humor, and feedback from their readers.

Sabrina Alexis and Eric Charles started dating in the mid-2000s and were together for about 12 months before they broke up. They lost contact for the next two years, but Sabrina couldn’t let go of the questions that had been haunting her since the split. Could he have done anything different? Did she do something wrong? Why didn’t it work?

Photo of Sabrina Alexis, Co-Founder of A New Mode

Sabrina Alexis co-founded A New Mode with Eric Charles in 2009.

One day she got up the courage to ask Eric those questions, and they had one of the most open, honest conversations they’d ever had. Inspired by getting the closure she finally needed, Sabrina suggested they start a website together that would help clear up the mixed signals women often face during dating and relationships.

At the time, she was a fashion and beauty editor and he was a real estate agent, but they had both majored in psychology and knew they could use their knowledge to help others. Development was a hobby of Eric’s, so he took care of the technical aspects, and Sabrina took care of all of the editing and finding writers. A New Mode came to life in 2009 as a general online magazine for women.

“I kind of envisioned a one-stop shop for women to have all their needs met and wanted to create comprehensive categories for fashion, beauty, wellness, health, and relationships,” she said.

Since Eric was also good at analyzing and explaining human behavior, one of the first projects they launched was the Ask a Guy column. Not long after, they were flooded with questions from women of all ages from all over the world.

“It was obvious to me that there was a huge need for quality relationship advice, and there were so many questions that weren’t being properly answered leaving women completely confused and overwhelmed,” Sabrina said.

Sabrina became inspired to join Eric in the writing process after a personal experience — the guy she was dating called her by accident thinking she was the other girl he was seeing. Her male roommate and his friends showed up as the situation unfolded, so she asked them for their perspective. And they gave her insights her girlfriends could never have given her.

Photo of Eric Charles, Co-Founder of A New Mode

Eric provides the male perspective for a large portion of the site’s content.

Sabrina called the experience one of the most transformative moments of her life. When in the past she would have replayed every moment over and over again in her mind, she had now reached a place of realization and understanding — he just wasn’t that into her.

With Eric providing the man’s point of view and Sabrina sharing her personal experiences, A New Mode has found the perfect formula for helping women find those same feelings of peace, clarity, and empowerment.

“Eric and I are both seekers, if you will. I think that was a major reason we had such a strong connection. We are both fascinated by human nature and relationship dynamics, and it’s really amazing that we were able to create A New Mode and write about this stuff for a living,” she said.

Articles, E-Books & Audio Courses Address a Variety of Topics

While A New Mode offers advice on health, beauty, fashion, and dating and relationships, of course, the content Sabrina and Eric are most proud of and that elicit the most reader response is when they’re vulnerable and as real as can be. While telling personal stories can be painful, Sabrina said, it’s an important step in the teaching process.

Screenshot of A New Mode's homepage

A New Mode has various avenues for delivering expert advice to women.

“The articles where we’ve been able to push through that barrier and be raw always do extremely well and get the most powerful response, and I think that’s the stuff that really helps people. They can see themselves in you and your struggles, and that gives them hope that they will also make it through and be OK,” she said.

A great example of this is an article they published a few years ago called “5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men.” To this day, it remains the most popular piece of content on the site — so much so that they expanded on the concept in their book “10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men.”

“The crux of our site is understanding men, understanding why they act the way they do, so our articles that really cover these topics in deep and insightful ways usually do the best,” Sabrina said.

A photo of the "He's Not That Complicated" book

Books like “He’s Not That Complicated” address a wide range of issues, such as knowing if the relationship will last and learning to be confident.

Books like these are another way to better reach their audience — with fan favorites being “Ask a Guy,” a compilation of Eric’s best tips, and “He’s Not That Complicated,” a comprehensive guide that covers topics that include the biggest mistakes women make in relationships and how to get an ex-boyfriend back.

Sabrina and Eric also like to mix things up with audio courses, where they’ll tackle various relationship problems together and separately (e.g., she’ll help women learn how be confident and he’ll break down why men do the things they do). FYI: A New Mode’s audio series is available via their newsletter.

Personal Experiences & Reader Feedback Inspire the Content

Whether it’s their own stories or those of family members, friends, or co-workers, everything Sabrina and Eric publish has a human element, which makes them extremely relatable. A lot of the inspiration also comes from reader feedback, which they receive on a daily basis.

“I can keep my finger on the pulse and always be in tune with what issues people are struggling with and what we need to cover (and it’s pretty amazing to me how women of all ages, from all over the world, basically have the exact same relationship questions),” Sabrina said.

“You have made me a better woman, which in turn, has made a better man of the special one I love and care about as well as all of the men I encounter and relate to in my day-to-day life. I wanted to take these few minutes to say thank you and to encourage you both to continue your exceptional, excellent, and vital work.” — Roberta Farkas, California

Having this deep level of receptiveness means A New Mode is able to give women of varying ages and different backgrounds the honest, tangible advice they crave and appreciate.

“We’ve had women tell us we saved their lives, that they left abusive relationships and are now happily married, that they learned to feel good about themselves, to love themselves, that they have clarity, that they finally have the love they’ve always wanted. It’s so amazing and inspiring and humbling,” she said.

Sticking With What Works While Expanding the Brand

Going from lovers to friends and colleagues, Sabrina and Eric are a unique duo and bring a fresh outlook on dating and relationship advice. With more articles, books, audio courses, and even videos on the horizon, they’ll continue to “inspire people and help them reach their goals and get exactly what they want in life” for years to come.

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