Allrecipes Stocks Millions Of Recipes For Any Date Night

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Allrecipes: A Food-Focused Community Cooks Up Over 50,000 Recipes for Any Date Night

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The Short Version: Allrecipes, a website and companion app made by cooks for cooks, is a complete catalog of recipes, tips, and tools to assist you in the kitchen. This global brand with over 80 million cooks serves up food reviews and recommendations on every recipe to give you the inside scoop on what making that dish is like. Shopping lists and how-to guides (available on any desktop or mobile device) back you up in the prep stages to take the stress out of your cooking adventures. From start to finish, Allrecipes helps daters plan and execute an impressive home-cooked meal for someone special. The site’s menu of 50,000 recipes has something to satisfy the pickiest of eaters and the strictest of diets. For easy searching and good eating, feast your eyes on Allrecipes.

One rainy October evening, my boyfriend and I were equal parts starving and lazy. We didn’t feel like going anywhere to eat, so I started hunting through my kitchen for ideas. “How about a sandwich?” I suggested.

“I’ll eat anything with bacon on it,” he said.

Croque Monsieur popped into my head. Buttery. Bacony. Cheesy. “I can do that,” I said. I looked up the recipe at (theirs didn’t call for bacon, but I’m a rebel), and a half hour later the smell wafted through my kitchen as I watched the bechamel sauce bubble into a rich cream.

We spread generous portions of sauce on the bread and toasted it until the cheese, cream, ham, and bacon became one gooey pile of deliciousness. As I cut through the sandwiches, melted Gouda cheese clung to the knife’s edge.

Bon appétit,” I said in my best Julia Child impression, and we devoured those sandwiches like nobody’s business. This scrumptious snack became a story we tell, and a memory we share, plus the teamwork of cooking together brought us closer as a couple.

For daters looking for ideas or tips to cook romantic meals at home, Allrecipes offers a resource and community where cooks can find, post, and review delectable recipes online — or on any mobile device. No culinary experience is required to use this comprehensive and user-friendly website and app.

Esmee Williams, Vice President of Consumer and Brand Strategies at Allrecipes

Esmee Williams, a VP at Allrecipes, recommends grilling as a fun date activity.

Since their founding in 1997, the website has grown organically into the world’s largest food-loving community of more than 80 million home cooks consuming 3 billion pages of food inspiration annually. Also available to-go, the free Allrecipes app has gotten over 23 million downloads.

Millennials especially have taken to the community. Esmee Williams, Vice President of Consumer and Brand Strategy at Allrecipes, described this generation as “the most passionate about food.”

“Our largest audience segment are millennial females,” she noted. Some of them are surely singles looking for the way into their man’s heart.

“Food has always been something that has galvanized people,” Esmee continued. “It’s a way for different people to define and express themselves.”

Got a Date Tonight? Whip Up a Delicious Meal on the Fly

If you’re hankering to try something new, there are tons of diverse recipes to digest on Allrecipes. You’ll also find an estimate of the prep time so you know what you’re getting yourself into. With over 50,000 recipes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to fit your time frame, budget, and appetite.

“We’re really committed to guiding home cooks to success at every step their food journey,” Esmee said. “We want to help come up with ideas because we know that sometimes the hardest part of dinnertime is just figuring out what to make — but also help them succeed with the shopping and cooking portion, too.”

It’s OK if you’re at a loss for what to cook — you can conduct a search by ingredients on Allrecipes. When you select “Ingredient search,” simply type in what you have in your cupboard or whatever ingredient you’re craving (in my boyfriend’s case, 90% of the time, that’d be bacon) to bring up a catered list made just for you.

Screenshot of the Allrecipes homepage

Allrecipes tempts home cooks with mouth-watering pictures of a variety of food creations.

You can enter the ingredients you want to exclude from recipes while you’re at it. This feature is helpful for anyone dealing with food allergies, picky eaters, or diet restrictions. If your date’s a vegan who loves broccoli, the ingredient search quickly plates up a selection of vegetable goodness.

Really in a hurry? The Quick and Easy Recipes section offers plenty of fast and flavorful options or — if you haven’t run the dishwasher in a while — you can find one-pot meals and cut down on clean up.

Trying new foods together can be an excellent conversation starter, and Allrecipes makes it easy. “You can always scale down or up any recipe,” Esmee said. “If you’re cooking for a date, it’s best to make bite-sized foods that won’t be too messy on your face or clothes.”

Screenshot of the Quick and Easy Recipes page

The Quick and Easy meals page is divided into subcategories, including Dinners, Appetizers, Side Dishes, Breakfast, Desserts, and 15-Minute Meals.

Allrecipes is used to serving millions of people on the go: About 66% of their traffic comes from mobile users. The Allrecipes App delivers cooking guidance to a smartphone or tablet, so cooks can access their recipes from the grocery store, the kitchen, or anywhere they happen to be.

The Dinner Spinner app lets users tailor quantities to serve however many are expected to dinner. Allrecipes also gives their cooks a heads up about where to find the best prices. The versatile shopping list comes with sales alerts about any deals going on for the ingredients in your recipe.

Additionally, the spinner tool on the app is a fun option if you’re having trouble choosing between all the savory, spicy, and saucy options. You can shake your phone (like a magic eight ball) to generate a recipe at random. That could be a fun way to show your date your spontaneous side.

A Menu of Online Features to Fit Your Tastes

If you want to grow your cooking skill set so you can impress your date — not just once but on a daily basis — try creating an account on The site puts the full force of their knowledgeable community and user-friendly tools behind their membership’s cooking endeavors.

Whether you want to make ricotta pancakes or baked teriyaki chicken, you’ll find no shortage of options at Allrecipes. You can also find a recipe for a fun pre-meal cocktail to whet your appetite. Allrecipes will send members recipe suggestions to tempt their taste buds and inspire some creative cooking.

All their recipes come with a heaping helping of feedback from home cooks so that beginners can learn what substitutions and shortcuts can make the recipe even better.

“I hope folks challenge themselves to cook new food together,” Esmee said. “Cooking together takes the pressure off any one person. You’re building new memories and traditions together, and I think that’s always good for a relationship.”

1. Step-by-Step Recipes Posted & Rated by 80M Home Cooks

Allrecipes users view 95 recipes per second every day. The community — hailing from 24 countries and speaking 13 languages — is more than 80 million strong, and yearly site visits frequently top 1 billion. That’s a lot of hungry people looking for a good meal. The site encourages their audience to interact online by posting, commenting, and rating recipes, which enriches the cooking experience for novices and pros alike.

Photo of the Allrecipes logo

Home cooks visit Allrecipes 1.3 billion times each year.

Thousands of recipe reviews go into detail about the experience making and eating a particular dish. You’ll often find substitution suggestions in the reviews, so you can tweak any recipe to your tastes.

Using the power of the community, Allrecipes serves up top-rated and recommended dishes for everyday home cooks.

See something you like? Add it to your Food Wishes so you can quickly find it again when you’re ready to start cooking (or when you’re at the grocery store wondering what kind of cheese that Cheese Sambusa called for).

Once you save a recipe, you can access a shopping list on your phone or computer at your convenience.

2. Over 5,000 Videos Offer a Bite-Sized Cooking Challenge

Allrecipes gets 110 million video views annually. Their instructional videos cover how to cook or bake a popular recipe from beginning to end. Allrecipes has posted more than 5,000 videos on multiple channels including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

“The cooking videos that tend to do the best are culturally diverse recipes,” Esmee said, “and definitely those date-night foods. Especially if you’re younger, you don’t have the cooking confidence yet so I think singles are really looking to these videos to be their wingman helping them pull off that perfect meal.”

When someone wants to really impress their date or partner, they can watch the videos to make sure they get it right. Allrecipes also offers an assortment of favorite food hacks that save you time in the kitchen.

Cooking School is another place to learn and “unlock a lifetime of great cooking,” according to the website. These online classes are available on your phone, tablet, or desktop — and all the homework is edible.

3. Content: Blog, Newsletters & Magazine Add Zest to Your Cooking

To inspire delectable food creations, Allrecipes keeps fresh content ready for their audience. The Allrecipes Dish Blog is dense with food suggestions and reviews on dishes from crisp grilled vegetables to luscious seafood pasta.

An Allrecipes magazine goes out every other month to subscribers and is full of expert tips to get anyone cooking. Additionally, their newsletter delivers food news and recipes to email subscribers looking for meals ideas and cooking education.

If these resources don’t answer your specific question, you can always turn to the network of foodies in the Ask the Community section to get personal breakfast, lunch, or dinner recommendations. Shared recipes are the basic ingredient that makes this site a success, so the team provides as many channels as possible to share and find culinary guidance.

How the “Allrecipeeps” Team Built the World’s Largest Food-Based Social Network

In 1997, a group of anthropology grad students at the University of Washington wanted to build a website to help people in their everyday lives.

The idea was a sweet one.

“Tim Hunt, one of the founders, had a serious sweet tooth,” Esmee explained, “and he was missing his mom’s home-baked cookies,”  so he suggested they build a cookie recipe site for home cooks. He figured other students might like a place where they could get instructions to make chewy, chocolaty cookies on their own.

Photo of chocolate chip cookies

The website that became Allrecipes was originally focused on cookie recipes.

“Lo and behold, took off, so they built and, and eventually they had 38 different URLs that they aggregated into,” she said.

With a focus on home cooking for more than one person, the site created a unique brand as the original food website and cooking authority for people of all culinary backgrounds.

Today the team is a young (and hungry) group who’re passionate using innovative digital technologies for making cooking more accessible to everyone. They call themselves “Allrecipeeps,” Esmee told us. In an open work environment, the Allrecipeeps collaborate to maintain a vast network of primarily user-generated content.

“We’ve grown to become the world’s largest digital food site. This is a group that gets excited about food and how technology can make food more rewarding and fun,” she said. “We also have terrific potlucks.”

A Seasoned Pro: Allrecipes’ Cooking Ideas Inspire Tender Memories

Food is a time-honored way to bring people together. Whether it’s around a campfire toasting s’mores, eating at a fondue restaurant, or making cheesy ham sandwiches in an apartment, people love to gather to prepare, discuss, and eat food.

From healthful smoothies to decadent desserts, Allrecipes has a rich menu of cooking options to warm your heart as you fill your belly. The reviews, app, blog, and other instructional resources are an easy way to marinate your ideas and discover new taste combinations to try with a significant other.

“Food is a great creative outlet to express yourself and bring people together,” Esmee said. “Any time you can share in a journey or an experience, you become closer to another person, and when you share a home-cooked meal together, there’s a lot of pleasure in that.”

If you want to put together a meal for a special occasion or make stay-at-home date nights a weekly tradition, Allrecipes can supply you with all you need from grocery store to dinner table. Bon appétit!