Amber Rosenberg Teaches Couples To Take The Right Path

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Life Coach Amber Rosenberg Teaches Couples How to Take the Right Path When They Reach a Crossroad

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The Short Version: As the life coaching profession continues to grow, finding a life coach with the right amount of training, experience, and energy can be difficult. Amber Rosenberg, Founder of Pacific Life Coach, has been working in the coaching field for 20 years — long before it became commonplace. And she has the right balance of knowledge, compassion, and experience to help her clients thrive. Amber works with many people who are seeking a harmonious relationship or those just trying to breathe new life into a current partnership. Her coaching often helps them through difficult life challenges so they can feel happier and more fulfilled.

As we age, chances are we will experience several life-changing events. Some events, like divorce, the death of a spouse, or a severe financial blow, can be incredibly painful. But others can bring joy — such as welcoming a child or getting married.

Breaking off a long-term relationship or moving far away are also considered life-changing events. Many women, in particular, have experienced several of these events. Living through them can present significant challenges that are taxing on their bodies, minds, and spirits.

They may end up questioning who they are or how they’re supposed to direct their time and energy post-event, and it becomes easier to doubt themselves. All of these major life events are like mountains; you must endure the hike over them to see the other side. But are your hiking boots worn out?

Photo of Amber Rosenberg, Pacific Life Coach Founder

Amber Rosenberg shows people how to love themselves, so they can meet any of life’s challenges.

The stress of everyday life — let alone those significant events — can create levels of guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety that people need to resolve. Working with a life coach to make it through those crossroads in life can make a big difference, as coaches provide needed support and guidance. They can also help people find the tools and the wisdom within to end the patterns that have them stuck.

Amber Rosenberg, Founder of Pacific Life Coach, is one of those experienced, supportive coaches. And she offers a flexible process that is individually designed to help clients live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

“I became a coach nearly 20 years ago — before people even knew what coaching was,” Amber said. “A good percentage of my clients come to me to work on changes in their lives, and those changes include wanting to start dating or working on a current relationship.”

With some proactive coaching, some major life events — like divorce or breakups — can be resolved before they take place. But, for the others, coaching can help you be your best self before, during, and after.

She Has More Than 20 Years Of Experience

In the mid-1990s and early 2000s, Amber worked with Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits as an executive coach to teach leaders communications’ strategies, including public relations and media relations. And her experience with these busy working men and professional women inspired her to get certified as a personal life and career coach. She earned her certification in 2003 and opened her own coaching business.

She earned a BA in psychology and women’s studies from the University of Vermont before studying at the Coaches Training Institute. She is also a member of the International Coach Federation.

Screenshot of the Pacific Life Coach free consultation web page

Amber offers a free consultation, so prospective clients can try coaching before committing.

Amber started her career in life coaching before the profession was as widely known as it is today. So she found herself having to explain her work to many people. But, instead of explaining it, she prefers to let clients experience it for themselves, which is why she offers a free consultation.

“I’ve been coaching for so long that I take a proactive approach. I believe my clients have the answers within themselves, and I’m the person who can help them find those answers,” she said. “I also believe I have valuable insight and perspective. The folks who come to me want traditional coaching but also consulting. I help them come up with a plan based on having worked with thousands of people.”

You’ll Work Through Challenges in Dating & Relationships

When it comes to those major life events, relationships are often the root of many troubles. Amber said she frequently works with clients who are in the initial stages of dating or are trying to grow a relationship and make it work.

It can be a challenge to have healthy, strong boundaries and say, “No” — or simply ask for what you need without guilt, drama, or anger.

“I teach clients powerful, non-defensive, clear techniques so they can communicate effectively with their partners. We try to focus on setting strong boundaries because, with any relationship, you need to set boundaries. The closer the relationship, the more important it is to set boundaries and the harder it is to do.” — Amber Rosenberg, Founder of Pacific Life Coach

Amber works with clients on being clear about their intentions and gives them the tools to deal with some of the common problems that arise in relationships — like communication issues.

“I teach clients powerful, non-defensive, clear techniques so they can communicate effectively with their partners. We try to focus on setting strong boundaries because, with any relationship, you need to set boundaries. The closer the relationship, the more important it is to set boundaries and the harder it is to do,” she said.

Flexible Coaching Styles for Every Situation

Pacific Life Coaching is based in San Francisco, and Amber sees clients in the Bay Area face to face. She also works with clients throughout the world viaphone, Facetime, and Skype. While those experiencing relationship issues account for most of her clientele, Amber said she also works with people working through career transitions.

Photo of women sitting in on a workshop

Amber offers workshops and training programs for nonprofits and corporations.

“People want to be intentional about the next phase of their relationship or career,” she said. “I work with a large percentage of professionals and high achievers. On the dating side, a lot of them find they’re so successful in their careers that they haven’t prioritized a relationship. They come to me when it’s time to evaluate that.”

She said she takes a holistic approach to coaching since problems in one area of life — such as romantic relationships — may also present themselves in other areas, like a job.

She only works with 20 clients a week, so she can give her full attention to each person, but she also offers workshops and training sessions for nonprofits, corporations, and other organizations.

Success Means Amber’s Calendar is Filling Up Fast

Amber shared the story of a client in her early 30s who was a successful entrepreneur but struggled romantically. The client wanted to grow her business, but she was plagued by fear, doubt, worry, and guilt.

“We were able to rework those negative thoughts and build awareness to transfer those to empowering thoughts. She had accomplished great things as a leader, and she applied those attributes to the relationship side,” she said. “It didn’t happen overnight, but we set up a plan for her to connect with like-minded individuals. Sometimes, it’s just going somewhere where you show up as your best self. When you show up as your best self, that’s wildly attractive to people.”

Soon, Amber plans to debut some new projects that will help people throughout the country. The goal, she said, is to show people how to rediscover their sense of self-love.

“It starts with self-love, taking some time, recharging their batteries, and feeling good about themselves,” she said. “That can lead to an intentional relationship. It feels amazing when that happens for my clients. That’s why I got into this line of work — it’s incredibly fulfilling.”