Anjolee Creates Customized Jewelry For That Special Someone

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Editor’s Choice Award: Anjolee Creates Customized Engagement Rings and High-Quality Jewelry for That Special Someone

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: Since the late 1960s, couples looking to purchase customized diamond rings for engagements or anniversaries have turned to Anjolee. As the originator of the diamond tennis bracelet, Anjolee is a leading jewelry creator that builds its products to the specifications of its customers. The company can design any ring that couples want, and production typically takes less than a week. Anjolee’s dedication to providing quality products for couples has earned it our Editor’s Choice Award™ as a great place to buy an engagement ring.

Years ago, people were encouraged to spend three months’ worth of their salary on an engagement ring. However, a recent survey found that many people now spend just two weeks’ worth of their salary on a ring that is meant to last forever. But that doesn’t mean they expect lower quality.

Couples are also more likely to shop together for a ring, compared to years past when the ring was typically a surprise gift. In this new environment, online ring purchases have become more common, as couples find options for customization they can’t get visiting a mall jeweler or a specialty boutique shop.

Those online shops offer better value because they don’t have the overhead costs that come with a retail storefront. It’s also easier for online retailers to focus on quality while offering far more options than a store could.

Photo of Anjolee ring in a box

Anjolee allows customers to design the perfect jewelry for engagements and anniversaries.

That’s certainly the case with Anjolee, a jewelry manufacturer that has industry roots dating back to the late 1960s. The company, which first created the diamond tennis bracelet, provides couples the opportunity to custom-design the rings of their dreams online.

“What sets us apart is our quality and our attention to detail,” said Andrea Golan, Anjolee Account Manager. “The mountings that we set the diamonds in are substantial, and our rings are not flimsy — they are meant to last a lifetime.”

Andrea said that most of Anjolee’s customers are people in their mid-to-late 20s and early 30s who are looking to get married, but the company also sees plenty of Baby Boomers who are buying anniversary gifts and purchasing jewelry for a special someone.

As a manufacturer, Anjolee differentiates itself in the market by eliminating the intermediaries often found on other jewelry sites, and it can produce any ring its clients desire.

That dedication to the craft of making jewelry and its customization options has earned Anjolee our Editor’s Choice Award™ as a great place to buy an engagement ring.

A Meaningful Name in the Diamond Industry Since the 1960s

When the company began back in the late 1960s, it quickly gained fame as the originator of the popular and timeless diamond tennis bracelet. It started in New York City and grew to become a full-service provider of quality diamond pieces around the country.

The company later moved to Los Angeles before settling in Chula Vista, California, and working with both wholesalers and retailers. But, in 2007, it decided to expand its operations to work directly with customers by creating Anjolee, the ecommerce arm of the business.

Anjolee is a combination of the word angel, an altered version of the French word for beauty, and Lee — the name of the founders’ mother.

Today, Anjolee produces engagement rings as well as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other customized jewelry. It remains the largest manufacturer and retailer of tennis bracelets in North America.

Photo of Anjolee tennis bracelet and earrings

The company began in the late 1960s and is known as the originator of the famous tennis bracelet.

And the family-run business is filled with team members who work together for the benefit of customers. Andrea said an order was recently placed by a couple who planned to get married on a Sunday and had ordered the ring the previous Monday.

“We all felt responsible for the couple, and we made sure that they got the ring on time,” she said. “We’re all invested in taking care of the customer. That’s our mantra.”

The company crafts heirloom-quality pieces of jewelry, which Andrea said look even more spectacular in person than they do in the pictures on the website. And orders arrive in a jewelry box that contains a small light, so a ring even looks stunning if you propose in the dark.

That special someone will see the ring glowing once the box opens. And during the day, the light helps the piece give off a little extra sparkle.

Pop the Question with the Ring of Your Partner’s Dreams

New customers are often surprised at how much control they have in the process of designing the ring of their dreams on the Anjolee website. The customization tools allow them to create and purchase precisely what you want, without having to search around or make appointments.

“Because we’re the manufacturer, we can add personal touches to jewelry and people can create a piece that reflects their relationship,” Andrea said.

The first step is to decide the shape of the stone. Trends include interesting pear-shaped stones and Halo rings — diamonds with a ring of smaller diamonds set around them. Andrea also said that rose gold and eternity rings were popular choices.

Photo of Anjolee diamond ring on woman's hand

Couples can choose every detail of an engagement ring, including metal, style, and diamond shape.

Once you decide the diamond shape, you can further customize the ring by choosing the ring size, metal type, carat weight, and diamond quality. Anjolee offers practically countless combinations to ensure satisfaction.

For those who are unsure about what to choose, the Anjolee website offers plenty of educational information about important things to consider when purchasing a diamond. That advice includes cleaning tips and design suggestions for the pieces they create. It’s also important to understand the difference between different types of gold and platinum before designing the ring.

Anjolee further differentiates itself from other companies by offering a wide range of ring sizes. Customers can choose between size 4 and 8.5, and they only pay for the materials that go into the finished product. That means smaller rings are less expensive.

Once you create your engagement ring or piece of jewelry, it typically takes between four and seven business days to produce the item. The manufacturing process begins immediately after the customer places an order.

“The piece is made just for them,” Andrea said.

Anjolee: Quality and Service Inspire Repeat Customers

Anjolee stands behind all of the quality products it creates for customers because its rings and jewelry are designed to last a lifetime.

“We make things that are built to last,” Andrea said, adding that Anjolee offers a one-year warranty as well as free ring sizing for life. Customers also get free cleaning and prong tightening. All pieces include free shipping and insurance to ensure their orders arrive in perfect condition. The company also has a 30-day return policy.

Anjolee offers customers the option to buy an additional certification from the International Gemological Institute. All purchases come with a free Certificate of Authenticity, although an included IGI certificate is rarer.

“We want customers to know what they’re buying is what they are getting. We don’t mind independent third parties looking at our jewelry, and, in fact, we’re proud of it,” Andrea said. “We stand behind our jewelry.”

Photo of Anjolee diamond rings

Anjolee has earned recognition for its high level of customer service.

That service earned the company the 2019 Newsweek Customer Service Award. Customers also appreciate that Anjolee sources all of its diamonds from ethical mines.

Instead of visiting the website, some customers choose to download the Anjolee app, which is available on iOS and Android. Along with helping users shop for rings and other jewelry, the app provides exclusive offers and promotions.

In the upcoming months and years, Andrea said the company is looking to expand its customer base and allow more couples to design their own engagement rings directly with a manufacturer.