Blue Rose Photography Captures Aesthetic Wedding Shots

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Blue Rose Photography Captures Aesthetic Wedding Shots for Couples

Amber Brooks

Written by: Amber Brooks

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The Short Version: Couples planning their weddings may stress about choosing the right photographer. But the process doesn’t have to be complicated. Seattle wedding photographers Brittany and Joe Marshall, married owners of Blue Rose Photography, suggest couples feel confident around who they choose and appreciate their aesthetic. Many Pacific Northwest couples choose Blue Rose Photography for these very reasons.

Engaged couples want to have dynamic pictures from their wedding day, but they may not know how to choose a photographer who will bring out their authenticity.

Seattle-based photographer Brittany Marshall, who owns Blue Rose Photography with her husband Joe, offers couples some advice about choosing the right wedding photographer.

She said the first step is finding someone who matches their aesthetic preferences. Brittany recommended using Google Images to view photographs taken at their chosen wedding venue or engagement photo locations. After scrolling through images, couples should save the names of their favorite photographers.

The Blue Rose Photography logo
Blue Rose Photography captures weddings in stunning Pacific Northwest locations.

Next, couples should visit the photographers’ websites before narrowing their list down to three.

“See how you feel with them, then let your instinct choose. You need to fall in love with their photos, make sure they are within your budget, and make sure you like their personality. Then, it’s a done deal,” Brittany told us.

A couple needs to find a wedding photographer they like and trust with decisions on their big day.

“They will be with you and be a part of your memory on a very important day. So it’s important that you vibe with each other and can get along, similar to friends, so you don’t feel awkward on your wedding day,” said Brittany.

If couples feel their photographer understands them, they can have fun in front of the camera. And the images reflect that happy, relaxed attitude.

Many Seattle and Pacific Northwest couples choose Brittany and Joe as their wedding photographers. The partners understand that couples want to feel unique on their wedding day. And they aim to match each couple’s energy and aesthetic to produce memories that last a lifetime.

A Legacy Spanning 10+ Years in the Pacific Northwest

Brittany and Joe were fashion photographers in Boston before moving to Seattle in 2009. Since the West Coast had less demand for that type of photography, they started capturing weddings after a few friends asked them to shoot their ceremonies.

Photo of Blue Rose Photography Owners Joe and Brittany Marshall
Blue Rose Photography Founders Joe and Brittany Marshall.

“After I tried it out a few times, I fell in love with the creative freedom — it was very different from the commercial world — as well as how meaningful these photos were for the clients. They were going to be treasured and looked at for a lifetime, and that just feels special,” Brittany said.

Brittany’s favorite images are bride-and-groom portraits. She likes capturing the chemistry between two people, particularly during the golden hour — or in the cloudy Pacific Northwest, the golden 15 minutes — when couples are bathed in the last few moments of sunlight.

For example, in one shot, a new bride holds a white bouquet around her husband’s neck while the sunlight shines between their smiling faces.

Brittany said she also appreciates the details couples choose for their special days.

“Every wedding is so unique, and I love to see the different personalities come through in their styling and decor,” she said.

Brittany and Joe aim to continually improve their craft and even impress themselves sometimes. They are parents of young children, so they also focus on developing a healthy work-life balance.

Still, Brittany has several bucket-list type weddings that she would love to shoot, including a snowy mountain wedding.

Focusing on the Beautiful Details of the Ceremony & Reception

Brittany recalls many memorable weddings she and Joe have photographed. At a recent ceremony, a couple put their golden retriever puppy front and center — and expected that he would walk down the aisle by himself.

“He ran full speed like a pro football player down the aisle, and then he didn’t stop. He just kept going. It was so funny. Luckily they did get him back eventually. But it’s one of those moments they surely won’t forget,” Brittany said with a laugh.

At another ceremony, one guest thought it was a good idea to light all of the sparklers at once for a dramatic send-off. Unfortunately, the fireworks ended up exploding — making for another memorable moment Brittany and Joe immortalized in pictures.

Collage of Blue Rose Photography photos
Couples enjoy having Blue Rose Photography capture their ceremonies and receptions.

“Every wedding guest started frantically dumping their beer and drinks all over the fire. I just kept shooting. No one got hurt, and it created some pretty amazing, candid moments. But it was also a lesson — and one we always warn people about when they mention sparkler exits,” she said.

And many couples recommend Blue Rose Photography.

“Their pictures are whimsical, timeless, and simple but so accurately reflect our relationship! Brittany and Joe have a way of coming into the room and completely capturing the emotion. We have now been married for six months, and I still cry looking through our pictures,” said Korryn and Kyle.

“Both Brittany and Joe have unique talents, and together, they make a dream team. I would recommend them to anyone, whether they are looking to get wedding photos, family photos, or anything else!” Crystal and Greg noted.

Blue Rose Photography Helps Clients Enjoy the Big Day

When a couple has narrowed their choice down to two wedding photographers, they should keep their eyes out for a few red flags. If a photographer suggests the couple create their own shot list, for instance, they may want to keep looking.

“Your wedding photographer should be in charge of where you shoot, what shots you take, and so on,” said Brittany.

The right photographer will also have a plan A and a plan B to share with the couple. If an outdoor wedding gets rained out, couples should feel confident their photographer has a good backup plan for those circumstances.

The photographer’s experience should also match up with their prices. Brittany said that newer photographers may only have styled shoots in their portfolios, indicating they haven’t shot any real weddings. If that is the case, the less experienced photographers should charge less, too.

When a couple chooses the right photographer, they’ll feel calm and confident about their wedding. That leads to Brittany’s biggest piece of advice about wedding planning — take it easy. Rather than worrying about outdoing their friends, keeping up with trends, or preparing for an Instagram-worthy experience, they should stay true to themselves.

“Your relationship is what is left after the big day, and catering to that is priority number one. Drown out the outside influences, do this together, make it for you, for your partner, and not for anyone’s acceptance,” she said.