Brittany Blomsterberg Helps Couples Embrace Minds Bodies And Souls

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Brittany Blomsterberg Teaches Couples to Embrace Their Beacons Of Light With Mind, Body & Soul Coaching

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The Short Version: Brittany Blomsterberg was interested in marriage and family therapy from a young age, so she spent more than a decade in school learning how to become a therapist. Over time, her focus shifted from therapy to coaching, and she uses a combination of modalities — such as yoga and Reiki — to help clients connect to and become their own Beacon of Light, as she refers to their inner essential beauty. Brittany emphasizes mind, body, and soul so that the entire being can heal. Her practice includes both in person and online sessions, and she plans to offer a retreat where individuals can come to heal, rejuvenate, and relax. You can get in touch with Brittany at (818) 269-7903 or via email at

Brittany Blomsterberg knew from an early age that she wanted to help people understand themselves. That passion led her on the path to finding her spiritual healing practice through which she helps clients discover and embrace their authentic selves so they can achieve the life of their dreams. She also finds it quite rewarding.

“My life is exactly what I want it to be,” she said.

Just as Brittany embraced her gifts to help change lives, she wants her clients to feel confident sharing their unique gifts with others — which can change even more lives and make the world a better place for everyone.

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Brittany Blomsterberg helps others embrace all parts of themselves.

Brittany works with women and men on their journey to revealing their Divine Self. She believes everyone is already perfect but may need to remove outer layers that cover up their true selves.

Through a variety of modalities — including spiritual coaching, yoga, and Reiki — Brittany guides clients through an organic healing process. Over the years she’s honed her innate ability to understand what clients need, and she trusts her instincts to guide them on their journey. She draws on her educational background and years of experience to help clients become the Beacons of Light they are meant to be.

Clients who work with Brittany can learn to love themselves as they are, discover untapped talents, and unearth gifts they can use to further the purpose of their lives.

A Transition From Marriage and Family Therapy

“I started seeing a therapist at the age of 10 and fell in love with the process of therapy and learning about myself,” said Brittany. A high school psychology class helped her realize that she wanted to pursue it as a career, and she spent the next decade learning about marriage and family therapy.

In her 20s, Brittany began to realize that she was stuck in an unhealthy relationship and she wanted to understand how it had happened. She said she was baffled by the experience because, as a trained professional, she knew the warning signs of abuse. This experience led her to open her eyes beyond psychology and into the in-depth study of theology and spirituality, whereby she traveled to Thailand to immerse herself in Eastern thought.

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Brittany’s journey led her from marriage and family therapy to coaching.

She learned to listen to her intuition and establish a deeper understanding of the human experience. That’s when she discovered a gift for listening beyond her senses to others. “I wasn’t aware that I possessed that ability until I explored spirituality and transitioned into coaching,” said Brittany, “I wanted to be more present-focused and help people move forward, not stay stuck in the past.”

Brittany ended her relationship and took her own advice — she moved forward.

She then worked as a Tony Robbins coach and took her practice to a new level. While she enjoyed her growth through it, she knew something was missing.

“I realized I wanted to incorporate my learnings of spirituality in my practice and establish my own holistic approach,” Brittany said. She went on to create a program that she uses with clients today.

A Holistic Approach to Healing That Helps People Be the Best Version of Themselves

Brittany doesn’t follow a traditional coaching model, but instead takes a holistic view of her clients and develops comprehensive strategies to help them.

“I take a mind, body, and spirit approach in my coaching,” Brittany said. Through techniques she learned in college, she addresses the mentality of clients to help them work through issues. She brings yoga in as a way to treat both the body and mind by using movements that are beneficial for their particular needs.

Brittany also incorporates the ancient Japanese healing technique Reiki to help clients heal and reduce their stress levels. She is certified as a Reiki II practitioner, where she uses gentle touch to correct energy imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit. Since the practice is not religion-based, it’s beneficial to everyone, no matter their faith.

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Brittany practices Reiki, an ancient Japanese hands-on healing technique.

“I believe that if a person finds Reiki, they were guided to it for a reason. Through Reiki, clients learn to trust their bodies to heal themselves; their energy does the work, and I’m the facilitator,” Brittany said. She uses Reiki to clear areas where trauma has been held on a cellular level in the body, allowing her clients to return to states of ease and peace.

She also knows when each client experiences a significant shift. “I feel an energy wave move through my own body when my clients release another layer that had been blocking them from connecting to their Divine Self,” Brittany said.

Some of Brittany’s most impactful client success stories are those of people who met the love of their life after receiving her services. Some clients who are parents report that they even have better relationships with their kids, while others have sent Brittany messages saying their lives are shining so brightly that they’re able to make major changes — like learning to love themselves.

Plans Include Chakra Clearing Workshops and Tropical Retreats

Brittany works with clients in a variety of ways. Her local clients typically visit in person so they can get all of the benefits of Reiki, yoga, and the other modalities that she brings to coaching.

For long-distance clients, Brittany offers coaching calls via phone or Skype, and can even initiate energy healing over the phone. Sessions are held consistently — often once a week — so clients can gain momentum in their healing and transformation. Brittany also works with people through multiple-session workshops and events. One of those, a 7-Week Chakra Clearing Workshop, is currently teaching participants how to rebalance their seven energetic centers through education, connection, Reiki, yoga, and meditation techniques.

“I’m open to bringing other people on with me. So many people have different gifts, and it’d be a beautiful experience to bring everything together.” — Brittany Blomsterberg, Spiritual Healer

She’s in the process of planning an intimate retreat where others can join her in a beautiful, tropical location — Thailand and Bali are in the running — to experience the powerful effect of leaving their usual environment, going on a technology fast, and experiencing aspects of other cultures.

Brittany is considering partnering with other experts to offer acupuncture, yoga, and other healing modalities for the event.

“I’m open to bringing other people on with me. So many people have different gifts, and it’d be a beautiful experience to bring everything together,” said Brittany.