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Camille Virginia Teaches Clients to Make Offline Connections to Find Dates in the Real World

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The Short Version: After years of pushing past her shyness, Camille Virginia found a passion for creating meaningful connections with people. After connecting with men in coffee shops, grocery stores, and bars, she decided to share what she had learned with her friends. Camille’s advice was so popular that she decided to launch her own dating coaching business. Now, her Master Offline Dating coaching program, workshops, and books teach singles around the world in-depth strategies for making those in-person connections.

A few years ago, Monica was in her late 50s when she realized she needed help finding a relationship. Though she was a talkative and enthusiastic person in most areas of her life, she discovered that she was self-conscious around men. She decided she wanted to work through her issues and find a partner with whom she could share her life and experiences.

When Monica volunteered on a sailboat one summer, she fell for one of the crew members, but she had no idea how to connect with him on a romantic level. So, she turned to dating coach Camille Virginia, who specializes in helping single women learn strategies for meeting partners in real-world situations.

“I taught her consistency and how to talk to everyone like you’re already friends with them,” Camille said. “I told her to talk to him like he was her best friend.”

Photo of dating coach Camille Virginia

Camille Virginia gives singles techniques for making connections in their everyday lives.

Camille’s strategy worked for Monica as she and her sailor really are best friends and romantic partners today.

Monica’s dilemma isn’t an unusual case for Camille. In fact, plenty of singles want to meet partners the old-fashioned way — face to face — but because of dating app culture, they aren’t necessarily well-versed in those interactions.

Camille recognized that underlying interest in dating beyond apps. In response, she developed a philosophy for meeting romantic partners in person and shares her insights on her website.

“The novelty of online dating is wearing off, and social skills are like muscles; if you don’t use them, you lose them,” she said.

Why It’s Important to Meet Face to Face in a Tech-Driven Society

Camille said many people connect with her philosophy because they’re often missing significant and meaningful connections in their lives. If they’re having trouble meeting romantic partners, they probably don’t know how to make friends, either.

“People are starved for connections,” Camille says. “They’re missing out on meaning in their lives by failing to connect with people — romantically and otherwise.”

They may wish they could have more unexpected encounters with interesting people in their daily lives. But times have changed. Out in the real world, many people are entirely focused on their devices in everyday situations — from buying coffee to eating at restaurants. They may be too nervous to look at — let alone engage with — others.

Camille suggests individuals can change that closed-off mentality by taking a few simple steps.

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The Master Offline Dating program covers in-person connection strategies, including how to strike up a genuine conversation.

“If you give someone even a smile, you’re going to feel fulfilled and be ahead of so many people who can’t do that, even if they want to,” she said.

After that first connection, interacting isn’t so difficult. After a smile, an individual could kick off a conversation with a simple “Hi” or asking a casual question such as “Do you recommend those?” to the cute man in the grocery store who’s holding a box of granola bars. Most people aren’t as standoffish or isolated as they may appear. Camille’s methods have also been successful because she is an empathetic person who has been in the same situations.

“I’ve been through everything on the dating spectrum myself,” she said. “I can identify with my clients, but I also developed the knowledge that comes with those experiences.”

At the same time, she helps her clients take consistent action because she wants them to see results as quickly as possible.

“I keep my clients moving forward using accountability, so I say ‘We’ve got homework this week. How are we going to make sure this happens?’” she said.

But, in the end, Camille reminds her clients that everyone wants the same thing: “We all just want acceptance, acknowledgment, and appreciation, and remember, so does every person you talk to,” she said.

Teaching Interpersonal Skills to Singles Accustomed to Dating Apps

As a young adult, Camille found little success in dating because of her shyness. But instead of resigning herself to staying quiet, she decided to start doing things that scared her.

“I soon fell in love with connecting with people, and that translated to men asking me out in everyday places,” she said.

At a time when most of her friends were struggling to find dates on Tinder, Camille was getting asked out at Starbucks. Everyone wanted to know her secret.

“I made a PowerPoint presentation that I gave to some friends,” she said. “And I kept building this repertoire of advice and eventually created a workshop that I went on to teach more than 100 times. After that, I turned my ideas into an online class, and then it became a business.”

In many ways, Camille’s strategies aren’t just about helping her clients find dates as she also teaches them ways to be more open to meeting others.

She calls it the practice of approachability or “attracting people without saying a word.”

To do this, she suggests wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and choosing bright colors or statement pieces. Approachable people also smile often, make eye contact, and demonstrate receptive body language such as relaxing your shoulders and avoiding crossing your arms.

She suggests that individuals, especially women, can make it easier on potential partners by demonstrating their interest in meeting new friends.

Another strategy she teaches is how to move beyond small talk. In many situations, people don’t know how to start a sincere conversation, so they focus on impersonal topics.

“Small talk is not fulfilling; it can almost feel more isolating,” Camille said. “I teach people how to get off the small talk and into a more meaningful and enjoyable conversation.”

Camille Virginia: Finding Fulfillment in Spreading Her Message

Over the years, Camille’s methods for teaching her steps for offline dating have evolved. At first, she gave presentations and taught workshops, through which she fine-tuned her content. Now, she focuses on private and group coaching.

At any given time, she is working one on one with about five clients, typically women. She works with each client for around 90 days, a timeline she said is perfect for helping them achieve the results they want.

Camille also offers a group coaching program called the Offline Dating Academy. Women enrolled in the course practice a nine-step method for learning to meet men in different settings.

“My coaching is the most fulfilling thing in my life. I love getting up and going to work.” — Camille Virginia, Dating Coach

Soon, Camille will expand her reach to even more people. For those who can’t participate in coaching, she’s developing a book series that will bring her strategies to readers. Her first book, titled “The Offline Dating Method,” is scheduled for release in September 2019. She plans to release another two books on the subject in 2020.

As her methods become more popular, Camille remains passionate about developing her expertise into strategies that work for everyone.

“My coaching is the most fulfilling thing in my life,” she said. “I see the human experience in all different forms. I love getting up and going to work.”