Carin Rockind Teaches Women To Pursue Passions In Life And Love

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Life Coach Carin Rockind Lives Her Purpose by Teaching Women to Pursue Their Passions in Life & Love

Charlotte Edwards
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The Short Version: Many people have the illusion that relationships, lifestyles, or money can bring happiness, but Carin Rockind knows that’s not the case. After getting married and seemingly living the good life, she still found that something was missing. She divorced at 26 and spent a decade searching for that something, which ended up being her purpose. Now, well past that pivotal moment in her own life, she coaches women on how to find and carry out their own purpose by using her positive psychology methods.

Carin Rockind wasn’t always so confident about her role in life. In fact, it took a terrifying event for her to understand how precious life is, and take a leap of faith to fulfill her dreams.

Photo of Carin Rockind, PurposeGirl Founder

Carin Rockind empowers women to pursue their goals and dreams.

“If you let me live, I promise to live out my purpose.”

These are the words that Carin prayed to God as she was being robbed at gunpoint late one night after arriving home from a date. Fortunately, the man only took her purse; but it was a turning point in her life.

Soon after this experience, she began to make good on her promise. She quit her six-figure, VP-title job and moved across the country to be one of the first 250 people in the world to earn a degree in positive psychology — the scientific study of happiness — from the University of Pennsylvania.

Carin now uses her education to teach others how to be happy, and started a movement called PurposeGirl to empower women to lead their best lives. She has this passion for helping others because she was once lost in her own life before finding what drove her.

Happiness Comes Through Inner Purpose, Not Money or Marriage

Carin said she had it all early in her life. By age 24 she had a great job, large house, and a lawyer husband. It was the life many girls dream of having when they grow up. There was just one problem: Carin was miserable. She cried often and even switched jobs multiple times in hopes of finding happiness. But she realized there was a problem: “If this didn’t make me happy, what would?” she wondered.

After working with a therapist, she ended her marriage at age 26. She was free to reinvent herself as she looked for what brought her happiness in life.

Carin became an advisor to a high school girls youth group and got as much out of their optimism and enthusiasm about life as she did from mentoring them. She also contributed to a blog for young divorced women. She found happiness in empowering them with advice gained from her experience of divorcing at a young age.

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At age 26, Carin started on a new life path to find what truly made her happy.

“I felt so alive,” Carin said about that time in her life. She even wrote a self-help book for young divorcees.

Unfortunately, her book didn’t get published, and her excitement about life plummeted — as did her health. She came down with shingles and was severely depressed. “I asked my psychiatrist for more medication. She told me that I wasn’t bipolar; I just had many dreams that I hadn’t fulfilled,” Carin said.

So Carin took time off to achieve some of her dreams. She spent a month in Paris, bought a boat, ran a marathon, and taught a college course. But she continued working at her job, not pursuing a career that allowed her to live out her passion.

That all ended on the night she was robbed at gunpoint. In that pivotal moment, she knew things had to change. She’d essentially been given a second chance at life.

Helping Thousands Of Women Identify What They Want

Carin started lecturing at the University of Pennsylvania after she earned her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. She also started her life coaching business to help women identify what they want out of life.

Now, Carin’s blog and podcast reach women all over the world. She coaches and mentors women in a variety of ways — individually, in groups, on retreats, and through intensive one-day sessions.

In the one-day sessions, women get to know each other as they share stories and bond over creating vision boards that depict how they want to feel.

“From that day, they begin to get clarity on their purpose,” said Carin.

One success story is from a woman who’d lost 130 pounds and felt proud of her accomplishment. But after she started regaining the weight, she sought Carin’s advice on why she was backsliding. They soon realized that, even though she had lost a lot of weight, she maintained the same mindset.

“She changed her weight, but she didn’t change her internal story; she didn’t believe she was worth the success she’d achieved,” said Carin. “We got to the heart of it and found that helping inspire others to meet their health goals made her feel alive.”

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Carin shares her message through many different avenues, including retreats.

This woman was so motivated by this realization that she quit her job and went back to school to study nutrition. She now works in the health industry helping others transform their lives.

Carin wants women to own their experiences, both the positive and negative. She stresses that those experiences don’t need to define you, but they’re what make you unique.

In addition to mentoring women from all walks of life who find her online, she shares her message from the stage, speaking to corporations such as AVON, BMW, and Progressive Insurance.

Next Up: Bringing the Science of Happiness to Even More People

Carin is creating a program to show women the science of happiness in light of some troubling trends in women’s well-being. Men tend to find more prestige in their jobs, while women’s identities tend to be wrapped up in their career. When you’re in an unfulfilling job that you see as your identity, that’s a recipe for unhappiness.

“A job title does not equal a purpose,” said Carin.

Women are twice as likely as men to be depressed, and 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with clinical depression during their lifetime. Carin wants to help as many women as possible find what’s missing in their lives so they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

“I’m the luckiest woman alive,” said Carin. “I feel humbled and grateful to God, to the universe, that I’ve been given a mission to help women discover and live out their purpose.”