Cornerstone Products Make Great Gifts For Your Man

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Editor’s Choice Award: Why Cornerstone’s Shaving & Skincare Products Make Excellent Gifts for Your Man

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Cornerstone stocks and delivers quality men’s toiletry supplies to 170,000+ customers in the U.K. Its shaving products, skincare line, hair-loss treatments, and subscription boxes give men a chance to upgrade their morning routines and groom themselves to look and feel their best. If you’re shopping for a special gift for a boyfriend, husband, father, or brother, you can browse Cornerstone’s personalized razor handles and luxury gift boxes for some ideas.

My boyfriend and I had been dating for only a couple months when his birthday loomed on the calendar. He said I didn’t have to get him something, but I wanted to show that I cared. So I searched the internet for something useful, enjoyable, and personal. After rejecting polo shirts and bottles of cologne, I finally settled on a shaving kit.

I knew from up-close experience that shaving often irritated my boyfriend’s skin, and he struggled to keep his face silky smooth. I gave him a couple premium products to make his daily shaving ritual easier to manage, and we both reaped the benefits.

The Cornerstone logo

Cornerstone can empower men to look their best and feel refreshed.

U.K. entrepreneur Oliver Bridge founded Cornerstone in 2014 to support men and give them the shaving and skincare products to take care of themselves on a new level. This company focuses on men’s comfort, wellness, and peace of mind.

Over the years, Cornerstone has expanded its line to include everything men need to take care of themselves and make a clean start to the day. Its online shelves feature deodorant, hair-loss treatments, moisturizer, multi-vitamins, mouthwash, and even condoms. Cornerstone works off a subscription model, so members can tailor a delivery schedule and restock their favorite supplies month after month or year after year.

Cornerstone has shipped over 1 million orders so far this year, and the crowdfunded company has raised more than £8 million.

Vivien Hinds, the PR person for Cornerstone, said the company’s average customer is a “busy working man who doesn’t have time to go to the shop.” These men range in age from 18 to 65, and they enjoy having a quality service like Cornerstone behind them.

The Luxury Gift Box Can Satisfy All Shaving Needs

The Cornerstone team puts a lot of thought and effort into the product line. They have designed skincare products that are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, and they’ve created shaving subscription boxes to make it easier for men to keep their bathroom cabinets stocked with the right supplies.

According to Vivien, 92% of customers are men, and 8% are women who are shopping for themselves or on behalf of the men in their lives.

Photo of the Cornerstone luxury gift set

Cornertsone’s luxury gift set is perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other holidays.

The Luxury Gift Set is one of Cornerstone’s most popular items, particularly around the holidays. The package includes a personalized chrome razor handle, 6 German engineered razor blades, pre-shave scrub, and other sensitive skincare products. The gift set also includes a voucher for a discount on the customer’s first subscription order. That way, the gift isn’t just a one-time thing because it can inspire a new daily hygiene routine.

The Cornerstone subscription is easy to manage online. Customers can tailor the timing and products to fit their needs, preferences, and schedules.

“You never have to worry about changing your plan or running out of stuff or nipping out to the shop,” Vivien said. “You can completely tailor it to yourself which just makes things a lot easier for our members.”

Whether you’re giving your guy a fully stocked subscription box or a razor handle with his initials on it, you can browse Cornerstone’s product line for innovative and effective ways to pamper yourself or your man. Its fully stocked subscription boxes, personalized razor handles, and quality skincare products put personal comfort first.

Drawing From Member Feedback to Launch New Products

Cornerstone has over 170,000 members. These individuals use Cornerstone products on a regular basis and provide valuable feedback to the team. The company prides itself on being people-powered — after all, it got its start through crowdfunding — and it incorporates customer feedback into its production process.

As the team seeks to launch new pharmaceutical products, it relies on its members to let them know what direction to take and what kinds of products will resonate with their customer base.

“I absolutely love this company. First-class products and customer service is second to none.” — Trustpilot review of Cornerstone

“We use our members to test new products before we launch them,” Vivian explained. “So, we know when we do create the final product, we’re creating something that our customers want — not what we want or other people want. It’s completely member-focused.”

Many Facebook reviews reflect the satisfaction built into these products. “The products themselves are brilliant,” said Stephen A. “I’m proud to say I’m part of the Cornerstone customer base, and I’ll be ordering more of their products in my next box!”

Photo of Cornerstone products

Cornerstone has become the personal hygiene wingman of 170,000 subscribers across the U.K.

Another Facebook reviewer said Cornerstone’s razor is his all-time favorite. “I’ve been shaving for 32 years, and I can quite confidently say, without any hesitation, that the shave with the Cornerstone was the most comfortable and satisfying shave I’ve ever had,” he said. “I’m absolutely delighted with my choice, a decision well made, albeit one I wish I’d made long ago.”

What’s more, 74% of Trustpilot reviews rate Cornerstone as excellent, and another 15% say they’re great. “So refreshing to have a company that values customer service,” John wrote. “Please keep it up, Cornerstone, and you will have our business for some time.”

Earlier this year, Cornerstone launched treatments for erectile dysfunction and hair loss. Looking to the future, the team plans to continue to help men across the country by further expanding their range of health and well-being products for men.

Cornerstone currently has many projects in the pipeline, yet it continues to listen to customers to generate new ideas and excitement. “We use our members’ feedback every step of the way,” Vivien told us. “We listen, we adapt, and we leave members feeling heard and appreciated.”

A People-Powered Company Based in Central London

Oliver Bridge founded Cornerstone in July 2014 because he wanted to make a man’s morning shaving routine less of a pain. He sat down at his kitchen table and came up with a plan to get high-quality skin-care and shaving products into the hands of the busy Londoner.

Thanks to the power of crowdsourcing, his company grew rapidly and became one of the most popular and respected self-care product suppliers in the U.K.

Photo of Oliver Bridge, Founder of Cornerstone

Oliver Bridge designed Cornerstone to be a convenient and quality-driven resource for men.

Today, Cornerstone has a team of 24 passionate and bright individuals who are passionate about the company’s mission.

“It’s a great business to work for,” Vivien told us. “We’re people-powered, so we have a great customer care team and great energy.”

Vivien has worked at Cornerstone for nearly three years, and she said she enjoys the work-hard, play-hard culture at the company. Cornerstone organizes social events, including weekly happy hours and mini-golf tournaments that get everyone laughing and having a great time in their off hours.

Team members have the flexibility to set their own hours and work from home on occasion. There’s no hierarchical management system. Instead, individuals are trusted to get their work done.

The office maintains a friendly atmosphere with music playing in the background while everyone works in the open layout. Sometimes the company brings in steak lunches or other treats to boost morale. During major sports tournaments, the Cornerstone team will take their laptops into the kitchen, set up a projector, and watch the match while they work.

“It’s a really great culture and environment to be in,” Vivien said. “Because we’re relatively small, you can see your impact and how your work helps the business. Everyone is recognized for their hard work as well.”

Cornerstone Delivers Quality Supplies to Your Door

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a great gift for a significant other. If you want to think outside the polo-shirt box and give him something he’ll use every day, you should consider ordering Cornerstone subscription box for that special guy in your life.

A Cornerstone shaving kit is a fun gift idea because it allows men to improve their shaving experiences. My boyfriend appreciated my efforts to pamper him on his birthday, and he began using pre-shave and aftershave products to soothe razor burn from his skin. Within a few days, he looked better, smelled better, and felt better.

Cornerstone offers an array of luxury toiletry items to help men look their best on their next date night. When it comes to quality skincare, this company delivers the goods.

“A huge focus for us is making sure our members are happy,” Vivien said. “These days people are so busy, so we do whatever we can to make their live easier by automating the bathroom for men, whilst continuing to develop high-quality products.”