DateBritishGuys: Bridging the Gap Across the Pond for American Women & U.K. Men

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DateBritishGuys: Bridging the Gap Across the Pond for American Women & U.K. Men

Hayley Matthews
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The Short Version: Created by an American woman and British man who fell in love, is the first dating site to exclusively focus on connecting singles across the pond. Whether you want an English gentleman or an American beauty, DateBritishGuys will “add international flavor to your love life” with its targeted user base and verification process, where all the men are British and it’s free for them to join.

According to, 23 million Americans watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. People are still obsessed with everything the couple does, and many American women dream of one day finding their own William (or Harry, depending on your tastes). logo introduces American women to British men and vice versa.

Their dreams can now come true thanks to Founded by Ben and Becca Elman — who were inspired by their own cross-pond love story — DateBritishGuys has become the go-to dating site for British men and American women, who’ve seemed to captivate each other for centuries.

“There was always a market there. British men and American women just couldn’t reach each other, so now they can,” Ben said.

Ben and Becca were kind enough to share with us the charming way they got together, how that led to DateBritishGuys, and what the site and its features are doing for American-British relations.

A Real-Life International Love Story Sparked

The first chapter of Ben and Becca’s love story began in 2005, when Becca was studying abroad in England. Londoner Ben spotted her across the room at a bar on Oxford Street (The Loop, to be exact) and just had to approach her.

After months of getting to know each other and having fun, romantic adventures, Becca decided to stay longer than her intended four months to spend more time with Ben. Two days before she was supposed to head back to America, he proposed on a rooftop in a champagne bar overlooking the city.

Photo of Ben and Becca Elman

Ben and Becca Elman, Founders of

For the next 10 months, Ben and Becca traveled back and forth every six weeks. They were reunited for good in Manhattan after Ben was accepted into a master’s program in New York City and Becca graduated from a university in Connecticut.

The idea for DateBritishGuys began at their wedding, where seven of Becca’s friends coupled up with seven of Ben’s. It was then that they knew they could help more singles find their own British guy or American girl.

From what Ben and Becca heard firsthand, the demand among the Americans was already there. They just needed to find the Brits. What started as Ben recruiting as many men as he could in the New York area — even approaching them after soccer matches to ask if they were single — soon turned into a sign-up wildfire thanks to media articles, social mentions, and word of mouth.

“Suddenly all of these guys would come over to me, and it grew from there,” Ben said. “We’re happy to say we’ve had a number of weddings and two DateBritishGuys babies come from relationships built on the website.”

Simplicity, Authenticity & Personality — Why DateBritishGuys Works

With every component of the site — from the matching process to the verification measures to the down-to-earth personality — DateBritishGuys concentrates on what leads to success for its members.

In a sea of thousands of dating sites and hundreds of millions of singles, people want an online dating world where they can hone in on their particular desires.

“There are preferences people have, and subsequently sites like ours have been created,” Ben said. “There are people who specifically want to meet a Brit, and there are Brits who specifically want to meet American women, and that’s why DateBritishGuys exists.”

An Uncomplicated Matching System Puts the Magic Back Into Dating

DateBritishGuys makes online dating super easy for members by suggesting matches for them and letting them search on their own. They can add singles they’re interested in to their Hot List or ones they’re not interested in to their Block List, as well as communicate via “winks,” instant messaging, and emails.

Women are even able to sort by country, so if they’re looking for an Irish beau versus a Welsh heartthrob, they can find him. And they’re not just located overseas — you can also find available British men in America or all over the world. It’s important details like this that have helped grow the site up to 70% in each of the past three years.

Screenshot of Hot List

DateBritishGuys takes the complications out of online dating with its Hot Lists and search functions.

You also won’t find any complicated algorithms that take the fun out of the experience by pairing you with someone exactly like yourself. On DateBritishGuys, you can actually enjoy the mystery again — just like Ben and Becca did.

“When I look at my friends and Becca’s friends who’ve gotten together, you could not have paired most of them up through their values or interests — same with myself and Becca,” Ben said. “Becca’s into acting and cooking, and I’m into football and psychology. I can’t see how we would’ve bumped into each other on a regular dating site through any kind of matching algorithm.”

By allowing members to find their own matches based on initial attraction and general curiosity (not just common interests), DateBritishGuys makes dating magical and exciting like it’s supposed to be — when the best part is getting butterflies for someone and discovering why.

Verifying the Brits & Letting Them “Go Free” Ensures Members’ Needs are Met

DateBritishGuys is a very focused niche dating site, which means it’s important that the site meets its users’ specific needs. English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh men can join for free, and DateBritishGuys takes that extra step to ensure its American members are getting what they want by authenticating each Brit with a photo ID, driver’s license, or passport (Ben’s mom, Barbara Elman, does that part, as well as all of the customer support).

“There’s been this attraction between British and American culture for hundreds of years,” Becca said. “Now there’s ‘Downton Abbey’, there’s Colin Firth, there’s Hugh Grant. There’s this perception of the British man that American women are drawn to.”

Screenshot of homepage

English, Scottish, Irish, and Welsh men can join for free.

Besides the accents, of course, Ben and Becca also attribute the popularity of the site to the upfront and refreshing attitude of American women, which contrasts well with the more reserved and polite British man — there’s “Friends,” there’s Taylor Swift, there’s Jennifer Lawrence.

Simply put, the allure on both sides comes from experiencing something (or someone) different. And DateBritishGuys gives members that experience.

A Cheeky Sense of Humor Creates Fun for Members

There’s an added sense of humor on DateBritishGuys and among its users that you won’t find elsewhere, with quips all over the site like “because sweet nothings whispered in an accent sound so much better” and blog posts like “7 Tips to Let Your ‘Britishness’ Shine Through Your Online Dating Profile.”

“That is one thing that comes out of the site that we hear time and time again — that the women who sign up for our site have a really good sense of humor, and for some reason, I guess they think the British do as well,” Ben joked.

Photo of British man in front of London Bridge

“The women who sign up have a good sense of humor … and they think the British do as well,” Ben said.

Profiles contain basics like your appearance, age, and relationship status, and there are even unique questions and sections for fun facts like what you would do with $1 million and how you would describe traits like your sexual appetite (“More than once a day if I’m really into you!”).

Final Thoughts is just as lovable as the couple behind it, and we’re excited to see what the site and Ben and Becca will continue to bring to the dating industry. So if you’re an American woman looking for your Prince William or a British man looking for your Jennifer Aniston, check out DateBritishGuys today. Cheers!