Economy Candy Makes Great Wedding Favors

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Economy Candy Brings a Sweet Treat to Wedding Favors

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: With so many decisions to make before a wedding, couples may be tempted to skip smaller details. Wedding favors can be an afterthought, if couples provide them at all. But the right favor can end a wedding on a sweet note, so it’s worth finding a good one. Treats from Economy Candy make for memorable favors that guests will truly enjoy. The candy shop is a New York City landmark that specializes in vintage and old-fashioned candy.

Every engaged couple knows that planning a wedding involves making lots of decisions. From the floral arrangements to the venue to the dress, spouses-to-be have much to consider. Sometimes, all the choices can make it challenging to take the time to think about minor wedding details. Couples may think these elements don’t matter as much as more significant choices. They believe that on their wedding day, no one will notice the care they take to make every part of the wedding perfect and personalized. But in reality, that isn’t true. 

Guests are especially impressed with weddings when they can tell how much thought went into every decision. Guests especially notice the little things couples do to enhance the guest experience; it makes them feel appreciated for all that they do as friends and family. 

Photo of an Economy Candy bar

Attending someone else’s wedding is a significant commitment, especially for those who live far from the venue. Couples should do their best to include elements in their wedding that show gratitude to the guests who came to join them on their big day.

Couples can show their thanks to their guests by offering them Economy Candy as a wedding favor.

Not only is candy an affordable way to give guests something to remember your wedding — it’s also a far more practical party favor than something reusable that guests are unlikely to take home. And with the iconic flavors of Economy Candy, guests will be touched by the thoughtful and tasty gift they get to take home. 

Economy Candy is an intergenerational family business with many loyal fans in New York City and the country. We spoke with Skye Greenfield Cohen, Chief Creative for Economy Candy, who told us about the wonderful selection and history of the business. 

“With over 2,000 varieties of candy, chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts, we have something for everyone!” Skye said. No matter your tastes or those of your guests, Economy Candy has delicious options that will give everyone who attends your wedding a fond memory of the night.

The Personal Touch of a Family Business

Economy Candy is truly a classic New York City staple. The store began as a shoe and hat repair shop with a pushcart parked outside with candy for sale. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, the candy cart started bringing in more business than the shoe store. In 1937, the company transformed into Economy Candy. 

When Economy Candy was in its original location, owner Morris Cohen would bring candy and large sacks of fruits and nuts to sell outside. He would stand outside all day, chatting with customers and smoking cigars. His son, Jerry, would work every day after school and on weekends, along with his two sisters and mother.

Jerry and his wife, Ilene, joined the business full time in the early 1980s. They ran the store alongside Morris for a few years learning all the tricks of the trade from The Original Candy Man. They have now passed the family business on to son Mitchell Cohen and his wife, Skye. 

Economy Candy front
Economy Candy has been a New York City staple since 1937.

“Economy Candy is a true family business,” Skye said. “This has helped us create intergenerational connections between our family and the families of our customers. When you walk into our shop you’re greeted not just by the sweet smell of candy but my family.”

While Economy Candy has earned national renown, it still holds true to its original family-owned business spirit. Their personalization makes Economy Candy the perfect business to include in your wedding. 

Using convenience store candy in a party favor may be an unconventional way to go, but with the help of a small, sentimental business like Economy Candy, you can elevate your wedding favors while providing something fun, cost-effective, and enjoyable for your guests.

Trendy and Vintage Candy for Every Palette

Candy lovers can find all the sweets they could want at Economy Candy. Whether couples have a flare for the old-fashioned or love trying the latest treats, they can make their wedding favors pop with help from the candy shop. 

“At Economy Candy we like to say that we specialize in nostalgia, so a lot of our customers are stopping by to pick up old time favorites like SkyBars, NECCO Wafers, Zagnut, Clark Bars and Mary Janes,” Skye told us. “That being said, we also carry all the latest crazes and TikTok trends including Toxic Waste, Slime Lickers, Ju-C Jellies and every other super sticky, extra sour confection out there!”

Photo of candies in small jars
Candy makes for wedding favors that guests will love.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love the fun options from Economy Candy. They’ll know just how special it is to have such a stellar inventory available for them to taste. “Every week local New Yorkers (and online candy junkies) flock to Economy Candy to stock up on their favorites of our 2,000+ items, including chocolate covered graham crackers (with and without jelly), chocolate covered pretzels, jelly rings, bags of gummies, or that candy bar you just can’t find anywhere else,” Skye said. The candy is in infamously high demand.

Couples who want their favors to fit the wedding vibe can look to Economy Candy’s selection of champagne and other alcohol-flavored candies. They’re also an excellent option for anyone who wants to participate in the wedding festivities but can’t safely or legally drink alcohol. “Any candy that is champagne flavored is just that: flavored,” Skye said. “Champagne and Beer Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Champagne Bubbles, Sour Prosecco Gummy Bears, Wine Gums, etc. are not alcoholic at all and are safe for people of all ages to enjoy.”

Start a Tradition With Economy Candy

Your wedding is the start of a new chapter in your life. It’s a great opportunity to reflect on the joys you have shared with your family and the start of new traditions that include you and your partner. Couples have the opportunity to create a new tradition on their wedding day by including the tasty snacks of Economy Candy in your wedding favors. Couples and guests will be reminded of that special day every time they eat a piece of candy from the store.

Start a family tradition with Economy Candy.

Many New Yorkers attach emotional value to Economy Candy and have fond memories of the shop. It’s common for families to share Economy Candy on special occasions or for them to order the treats online if they live far away. Economy Candy has become a tradition in my own family. When I went to New York City earlier this year, my partner excitedly told me that I needed to check out Economy Candy on my trip. He and his dad had been to the store on a father-son trip years earlier, and it had remained a happy memory of their time together.

“My favorite stories are from the families who grew up visiting Economy Candy with their parents and grandparents and are now taking their kids and grandkids,” Skye said. “It’s that kind of intergenerational connection that makes our shop so special.”

Including a sample of the store’s inventory at your wedding will give your friends and family a sweet thank-you to take home. They may only taste it for a few minutes, but the memory will last for years.