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Daters Can Feel Their Best With SeneGence’s High-Quality Skincare & Long-Lasting Makeup

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The Short Version: Most makeup wearers can attest that the beginning and end of the night look are very different. SeneGence has been addressing this all-too-common makeup problem since 1999 with long-lasting and health-focused makeup and skincare products that last through the night. Joni Rogers-Kante, the founder of the company, talked to us about her story and why SeneGence has kept true to its mission of high-quality and long-lasting skin care for over two decades.

One of my favorite parts of a date or a night out is getting ready. I love picking out what I’m going to wear, doing my makeup, and styling my hair. It’s even more fun when I have some friends around, and we can chat and listen to music while discussing our plans for the night. 

One of my least favorite parts of a date or a night out is when I get home and look in the mirror, and my makeup doesn’t look anything like it did when I left the house.

My mascara has migrated from my eyelashes to my eyelids and under eyes, and my eyeliner stopped being eyeliner and is more eye-splotch. My concealer is melting, and there’s nothing I want to do more than wash my face.

It’s difficult to find makeup products that last, and it’s even harder to find products that actually benefit your skin. SeneGence’s makeup and skincare products understand the needs of makeup wearers and since 1999 have been making high-quality products that last.

Joni Rogers-Kante is the founder of SeneGence. She talked to us about why she started the company and why she cares about the durability and health benefits of skin products. “Good health comes from within and without,” Joni said. “Everything you put on your skin is going to affect your overall health, and we’ve incorporated that from the beginning.” 

Makeup For People On The Go

In 1999, Joni was juggling the varied responsibilities of single motherhood. “I was 30 years old, I had one son, and every time I held him in my arms, he would touch my face and mess up my makeup,” Joni said. “I thought that there have to be so many women with this same problem, and somebody needs to figure out how to fix it.”

Joni said if a woman dedicates her time and energy to crafting her makeup in a specific way, she deserves a look that will last throughout the day. Addressing this pervasive makeup complaint became the inspiration behind SeneGence’s patented long-lasting color. Our team can attest: after trying SeneGence’s products, we found that the color lasted beautifully throughout the entire day. But this wasn’t the only guiding principle for SeneGence. 

“I’m not a health fanatic, but I do take a balanced approach to good health,” she said. “You know, 25 years ago, not everybody was aware of how important it is to use high-quality ingredients on your skin. But we knew from the very beginning that it definitely matters what you put on your skin and were really thinking about the kind of ingredients we were using.”

senegence beauty
SeneGence prioritizes healthy ingredients that are good for your skin.

This goes beyond using clean ingredients without harsh chemicals. “We were also hyper-focused on how to help customer’s bodies maintain healthier cells and more effective forms of protecting themselves from the harshness of the environment,” Joni said.

Many makeup products can close pores and cause breakouts, among other skin mishaps. Makeup can be a double-edged sword: get a beautiful look today but risk a breakout tomorrow. SeneGence gives makeup wearers the best of both worlds with products that create top-tier looks and benefit the health of their skin.

“The longer you wear the product, the more beautiful your skin becomes,” Joni said. “It’s a natural result of wearing these products because we’ve put in beneficial ingredients that we’ve invested in and researched.” She said ingredients can include anything from peptides and triglycerides to nangai oil. SeneGence takes the wholesomeness of its products seriously.

Products Designed To Improve Skin Health

Joni said LipSense, one of SeneGence’s earliest products, put the company on the map. “SeneGence has made the first patented long-lasting lip color, liquid lip color,” she told us. “It was really fun helping to create a market within the cosmetic space for long-lasting color, and we’ve been at the forefront ever since– for 25 years.”

SeneGence still offers LipSense in a variety of shades, along with products for the eyes and face. SeneGence makes false eyelashes, mascaras, eyeliner, eyebrow-defining products, and eyeshadows. Makeup wearers can find a variety of makeup, from full-coverage foundation to primers. 

senegence logo
SeneGence broke onto the scene with a long-lasting lip color that created a new beauty mainstay.

When it comes to lip products, Joni said the most important factor when looking for a high-quality product is to find something that will keep the lips moisturized and fresh. Many makeup wearers have a preferred color for their lip products, and SeneGence offers a wide variety of colors that look great with every skin tone.

Joni is excited about a new makeup line coming out at SeneGence, which will only be available through the company’s local sellers. “We’re reserving this line for women to use to build businesses,” Joni said. “Some might have a salon, a spa, a little storefront. Some own local businesses or are doctors or pharmacists– it’s a variety.”

SeneGence could have sold the line to a larger distributor, but Joni said helping women, their families, and communities is paramount to the company’s mission. “I really wanted to reserve it for women like me, who were at home, raising kids, and needed a really great, almost surefire way to supplement their household income. We have this army of women, ranging from their 20s to their 80s, who are just spreading the word.”

Over 25 Years Of Building Goodness

In its over two decades of business, SeneGence and the business opportunities it offers to its customers have made a big impact in the lives of many people. 

“We have all kinds of stories,” Joni said. “We have stories about women who are just having fun with friends and selling products, but also stories about women whose business with SeneGence was their saving grace.” She said she knows of women who have gone through divorces and live with tight budgets as single parents . She said becoming a distributor with SeneGence helped them out of a tricky place. 

SeneGence is all about empowering women through makeup and career opportunities. The Make Sense Foundation was established by Joni in 2002 as an overall plan for SeneGence to give back to the community. 

Joni Rogers-Kante, founder SeneGence
Joni and the SeneGence team create beauty products and business opportunities for women.

The Make Sense Foundation is a non-profit and separate entity from SeneGence but is directly involved with the company’s charity initiatives. The Make Sense Foundation has assisted charities across the nation, from Make-A-Wish to Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis.

SeneGence customers get long-lasting makeup that’s good for their skin while also supporting a company that cares about the people they serve. Makeup is a tool for anyone who wants to build their confidence and feel more comfortable showing up authentically. Singles playing the dating field often use makeup to do exactly that.

If a date goes well and it comes time for a kiss, Joni said people wearing SeneGence lip color won’t need to worry about a thing. “We finally figured out a lipstick that’s not going to come off when you kiss someone,” she said. “And it really enables you to kiss with more confidence.”