Greensbury Delivers Organic Meats For Dinner Dates

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Greensbury Delivers USDA Organic Meats for Your Next Date Night or Family Dinner

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The Short Version: Greensbury Market gives the average home cook access to sustainable, humane, and hormone-free meat and seafood. All they have to do is make an online order, and organic steaks, chicken, or seafood will be delivered to their doorstep. Since 2007, Greensbury has been at the forefront of the grass-fed movement in the meat industry, and its ethical sourcing gives couples and families greater peace of mind when they sit down to share a nourishing and delicious meal.

Todd Horowitz was raised by a hippie mother who banned all processed foods from her kitchen and encouraged healthful, whole foods instead. Todd took these lessons to heart and has become a passionate advocate for responsible and sustainable food sourcing.

Photo of Todd Horowitz

Todd Horowitz founded Greensbury Market to get quality food to people’s doors.

In the early 2000s, Todd stumbled upon grass-fed steak at a California food market, and he was intrigued by the idea that meat could be made healthier and tastier through ethical farming practices. In 2007, he founded Greensbury Market to give other people a taste of organic meat.

Greensbury endorsed the grass-fed movement early on and has been a big proponent for increasing access to high-quality meats that are good for people and good for the environment, and it tastes great, too!

Greensbury CEO Ted Hopper stands behind the quality of every poultry, beef, and seafood in the online store. He told us he uses his own kitchen to test the products and incorporate top-notch proteins into his family dinners.

Thanks to Greensbury’s delivery system, couples don’t need to spend hours puzzling over products at the grocery or farmers market before a date night. They can stock their fridge with wild-caught seafood and grass-fed meat that is ethically sourced and brings extra flavor and nutritional value to the table.

“We are the center of the plate, and we take that seriously,” Ted said. “It’s an honor, and it’s humbling to know that you’re an important part of people’s lives.”

Responsibly Sourced Beef, Poultry & Seafood

Greensbury is a small company dedicated to serving quality meat and seafood in the U.S. Its focus on responsible and sustainable farming sets it apart from other delivery services in the market.

Ted and his team are careful to select trustworthy suppliers that have been certified as organic by the USDA and other third-party organizations. Greensbury has partnered with many family-owned farms to ensure customers know what they’re getting and can trust what’s on their plate.

Greensbury sources all its meat from American farms and ranches, and it maintains strict standards regarding the supply chain. Ted told us he does not support operations that outsource any step in the meat production process.

Photo of skirt steak from Greensbury

Greensbury ships organic meat to the 48 contiguous states.

“You’ll see companies import cattle from, say, Uruguay or Mexico, but because the meat is packaged in the U.S., they’ll call it American beef,” Ted said. “We believe those things matter, and we want to set transparent standards for the consumer.”

Greensbury offers organic meat that is free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. The team audits its products twice — once in Nebraska and once in New Jersey — before sending them to people’s dinner tables.

The ethos of the Greensbury delivery service appeals to health-conscious people who want to nourish themselves and help the planet at the same time. Many Greensbury customers are cooking for their partner or family, and they depend on its products to satisfy their palates day in and day out.

“I was blown away with the clean, pure flavor that came through in all the products,” said Ryli V. in a Greensbury review. “I was really impressed with the quality the values that Greensbury sets for themselves truly shows in their products. I would recommend to anyone out there looking to improve their eating lifestyle.”

Ted stands behind Greensbury’s selection with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if customers do not love the taste and quality of the meat — for whatever reason — the team will offer a refund. “We’re deliberate about what we pick because we want to make sure the food measures up,” he said. “I’m not going to sell something I don’t like or haven’t tried myself.”

Whether you’re frying up sausage for a family breakfast or grilling steaks for a special date night, you can get meat that’s a cut above the average by ordering from Greensbury’s ethically sourced market online.

Home Cooks Can Find Comfort in Well-Prepared & Healthy Food

During the coronavirus pandemic, many couples have had to change their typical dating patterns and adapt to social distancing guidelines. Traditional date venues like bars, restaurants, and movie theaters have fallen in popularity while video dates and at-home dinner dates are on the rise.

Greensbury has been a wingman to couples who want to cook a delicious meal at home rather than dining out, and its recipes section can provide inspiration for an upcoming date night.

Cooking at home tends to be less expensive and healthier than dining out, and it also creates a more intimate environment for couples on a date.

Photo of a turkey dinner

Greensbury offers free recipes and cooking tips to support ambitious home chefs.

Ted told us Greensbury has recently seen an increased demand from customers in dual-income households. Families that rarely cooked at home before the pandemic found they had the time and energy to invest in healthier habits and learn new skills while under lockdown.

“They want to feel good about what they’re eating and be healthy,” Ted said. “They want to put higher quality foods on the table, and that starts with Greensbury.”

Greensbury maintains high standards for food safety, and that can put high-risk people’s minds at ease and save them an in-person trip to the grocery store.

As the holiday season approaches, Ted said the Greensbury team will be focusing on highlighting comfort food recipes to encourage people to treat themselves to something simple and delicious. Some people may be looking at a smaller table than they’re used to for the holidays, but that could be an opportunity to improve their cooking skills and prepare a more indulgent meal.

“There’s comfort in the food itself, but there’s also comfort in the preparation,” Ted said. “When everything feels out of control, cooking a meal is something you can control and get invested in. Food creates conversation and commonality, and it really brings people together.”

Greensbury Market Brings Greater Quality to the Dinner Table

Greensbury delivers organic beef, poultry, and seafood to customers who want to make more responsible choices at the dinner table. Its ethically sourced proteins satisfy rigorous ethical guidelines and nutritional standards while also providing that mouth-watering, farm-fresh taste that’s become emblematic of the grass-fed movement.

Since its launch in 2007, Greensbury has made high-quality food more accessible to home cooks and has nourished families of all shapes and sizes. Looking to the future, Ted said he hopes to see more people getting into the kitchen and trying new recipes to satisfy their taste buds and improve their long-term health.

If you and your significant other are looking for a cooking adventure, Greensbury can offer a solid protein foundation for a memorable date night dinner.

“Our brand is the promise we make to customers and staff every day,” Ted told us. “We promise to deliver quality products and support family-owned organic farms in the U.S.”