He Wants to See More Online Pictures. Why Would He Want More?

Dr. Wendy Walsh
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Reader Question:

I posted two profile pictures. One was a close-up and the other a full-body picture. I received an email from a guy I was also interested in. His email simply said “Sexy!”

I did not know how to respond to that other than to say thank you and I thought he was sexy, too. I also pointed out some things we had in common and indicated my interest in chatting with him more. His response back to me was “Do you have any more pics?”

I was a bit taken aback by that and honestly insulted. If he thought my initial pictures he saw were sexy, why would he want more? I would like to know how to respond should this happen again (if I respond at all).

-Eileen (Maine)

Dr Wendy Walsh’s Answer: 

Darling Eileen,

How much you hope to make love’s lemonade out of a big fat lemon.

But here’s the truth: If a guy sends you a note that says “Sexy,” then that’s all he’s looking for. If you respond to such a note, then you are silently telling him you are game for a “sex only” relationship.

So don’t be surprised if he asks for more photos. That’s all he cares about.

By the way, I pass no judgment here. If you are into a “sex only” relationship, then strap on a condom and use it correctly (yes, for oral sex too) and don’t complain about a broken heart later.

This won’t morph into anything else.

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