Healthgrades Helps Pregnant Women And Families Find The Right Doctor And Hospital

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Healthgrades: Helping Pregnant Women & Health-Conscious Families Find the Doctor & Hospital That’s Right For Them

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The Short Version: Healthgrades offers helpful online resources to connect patients and doctors across the US. The website’s simple search functions allow visitors to browse through more than 1.1 million physicians organized by speciality and location. Whether you’re looking for a competent obstetrician, gynecologist, or family doctor, Healthgrades gives patients valuable information, including over 6 million consumer ratings, to encourage sound decision-making. Healthgrades also partners with hospitals to facilitate more meaningful and engaging interactions between health care providers and patients. The website empowers over 1 million daily users to learn about their health options and choose what’s best for their needs. The next time you’re due for a checkup, you can rely on Healthgrades to supply comprehensive information on local doctors of all specialties.

When you’re pregnant, you face a lot of choices, from what kind of birth experience you want to how to decorate the newborn baby’s room. One of the first and most important decisions during a pregnancy involves choosing a health care professional to look after you and your baby.

For first-timers, the process of selecting an experienced and reliable obstetrician can be a daunting task. Tiffany B., a pregnant woman from Port St Lucie, Florida, wasn’t satisfied with randomly picking a doctor’s name at random, so she went to Healthgrades to look up information about local OBs.

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was hoping to find an OB who I could trust to have my best interest in mind,” — Tiffany B., a patient from Port St. Lucie, Florida

After some online research, she and her husband discovered a highly recommended obstetrician named Dr. Dudley Brown. Encouraged by the physician’s positive reviews on Healthgrades, Tiffany contacted Dr. Brown and became his patient. Months later, she wrote her own Healthgrades review on the doctor to say she had had a phenomenal experience with him. According to the Tiffany’s review, Dr. Brown and his team were always professional and ready to answer any questions she had along the way.

On Healthgrades, first-hand reviews (like Tiffany’s) give you a feel for the doctor and staff so you can choose your health care provider with confidence.

Founded in 1998, Healthgrades is a comprehensive online resource for anyone seeking a local physician or hospital they can trust. The website has compiled information and reviews on 1.1 million physicians in all specialties and subspecialties, including family medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, urology, and internal medicine. Visitors can go online to compare prices, read reviews, and select a doctor who’s right for their needs.

“Today, more than 1 million people a day use the Healthgrades website to search, compare, and connect with hospitals and physicians,” said Andrea Pearson, Chief Marketing Officer for Healthgrades. “We also partner with hospital and health systems across the country to integrate technology solutions to make finding a doctor more convenient and simple.”

Screenshot of the Healthgrades homepage

On Healthgrades, visitors can look up information on over 1.1 million physicians, 2 million health care professionals, and 5,000 hospitals.

From the company’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado, a dedicated team is on a mission to empower patients to choose a doctor with confidence. Whether you’re looking for a good dermatologist, gynecologist, or cardiologist, Healthgrades can help you sort through millions of local doctors, choose the right fit, and book an appointment from any desktop or mobile device.

“The health care system can be very challenging to navigate, and so we want to provide end-to-end solutions for consumers and hospitals,” Andrea explained. “Because the relationships we help forge can help in the journey to better health!”

Consumer-Driven Comparison Tools: Over 6 Million Ratings Online

Healthgrades facilitates a conversation among patients submitting and reading reviews about their local health care providers. The open forum helps visitors compare experiences and select a reputable doctor in any specialty.

“Consumers use our site to search, compare, and connect with hospitals and physicians based on the most important measures when selecting a health care provider: experience, hospital quality, and patient satisfaction,” Andrea told us. “These reviews are very important to consumers when they embark on their health care journey.”

On Healthgrades, you can read through over 1 million patient reviews and 6 million published ratings to decide if a particular health care provider meets your standards. The profiles clearly display the physician’s experience, areas of expertise, contact information, clinical quality ratings, and patient satisfaction scores. According to Healthgrades’ internal research, when the consumer possesses this type of information about a physician or practice, they’re 82% more likely to make an appointment.

“We bring together sophisticated functionality to choose doctors. Our technology solutions help patients connect with and build better relationships with their physicians,” said Andrea. “This makes Healthgrades a must-visit first for consumers when they need to find a doctor.”

Screenshot of the Healthgrades Health Stories section

Healthgrades outlines a health care provider’s experience, quality, and ratings for consumers.

Healthgrades fosters a community of patients sharing their stories with one another in reviews, testimonials, and blog posts. Women who are pregnant for the first time can go to the Health Stories section to read through what new mothers have to say about their experiences with pregnancy and labor.

“All my preconceived notions of what was supposed to happen were out the door,” wrote VI, a mother from Denver, Colorado. “I was exhausted and thank goodness for the epidural or I would’ve not been able to get any rest at all.”

“Our site is a great place for consumers to connect with one another and share insights from their experiences and the decisions they made,” Andrea noted. “More and more patients are visiting to review their physicians and share details about their care experience.”

An Easy-to-Understand Resource on Health Care Information

Healthgrades is more than a place to look up doctors — it’s a rich educational resource on the challenges faced by health care consumers. The site provides valuable information on a variety of health topics to help visitors make informed decisions when it comes to their health.

Though its sister sites, Right Diagnosis and OurHealth, people can research various health conditions, diseases, symptoms, diagnoses, and procedures online. Whether you’re worried about an STD or curious about women’s health issues, these sites provide detailed and knowledgeable guidance for patients.

According to Andrea, “Healthgrades creates content to help educate and inform site visitors about interesting trends in the industry and offer insights from credible sources.”

“We think the future for Healthgrades is very bright, and we’re thrilled to play a part in helping consumers find and connect with the right doctor.” — Andrea Pearson, CMO at Healthgrades

To best serve the men and women who come to Healthgrades for answers, the website has expanded its educational content to cover all aspects of health care. In the Healthguides section, patients can learn more about sensitive health topics, including living with erectile dysfunction and coping with HIV. Information is presented in a clear, easily browsed format with recommended related reading available to help answer any followup questions.

“Healthgrades is really the one-stop shop for consumers looking for a doctor and seeking information to help inform them of their choices,” Andrea said, “which instills confidence in their health care decision-making.”

Achieving Excellence Through Effective Teamwork & Collaboration

Healthgrades has several offices in cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Madison, Raleigh, and Denver. Functioning as a unit, team members work closely with one another on projects that significantly impact how patients interact with doctors and hospitals.

Photo of Andrea Pearson, Chief Marketing Officer at Healthgrades

CMO Andrea Pearson joined Healthgrades’ marketing team in December 2008.

The leadership team at Healthgrades emphasizes team spirit and collaboration. One of the company’s six core values is “Achieve excellence together.”

“Everything that we accomplish at Healthgrades is through effective teamwork,” Andrea told us. “There are very few roles where individual contributors work alone.”

Their combined efforts drive them toward their overarching goal of bringing more transparency to health care. With accessible information and user-friendly search tools, Healthgrades makes selecting or referring a health care provider easy.

“We know that the digital health field is fast-moving, and it’s very exciting to be part of that evolution,” Andrea said. “We also know that we have the most impact when we are tackling opportunities as a team.”

Make Informed Health Decisions by Consulting With Healthgrades

No matter what health issue you’re facing, it’s important to pick the right doctor who can help you. Thanks to Healthgrades, you don’t have to rely on guesswork to find a physician you like — you can search online through detailed profiles on over 1.1 million physicians and 2 million health care professionals.

Healthgrades provides a combination of objective biographical information and subjective patient reviews to give consumers a full understanding of their health care options. The site makes it easy to find many trustworthy doctors and hospitals across the country. Pregnant women, like Tiffany B., can use this resource to choose a local OB who’s the best fit for them.

Photo of the Healthgrades logo

Over 84% of’s consumer reviews are positive with a 4- or 5-star rating.’s technological solutions are rapidly changing the way people interact with doctors and hospitals. The site enables consumers to quickly search, select, and book an appointment with a physician they can trust. In a few clicks, you can make sure you and your family are well taken care of.

“At Healthgrades, we believe that facilitating a discussion between providers and patients is foundational to cultivating positive relationships and driving transparent discussions that drive better health outcomes,” Andrea told us. “We bring all the pieces together to help consumers navigate their decisions with confidence.”