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How Do I Know If He’s Single?

Kelly Seal
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When you’re single and looking, figuring out someone’s status isn’t always so cut and dry.

Let’s take a look at an example: You’re meeting your girlfriend for a drink at a bar and she’s late, so you start to make conversation with the hot guy sitting next to you, who’s a little flirtatious.

When your friend arrives, he starts chatting and joking with both of you. You assume he’s single, but your friend insists he’s taken. Who’s right?

Dating can be complicated enough without trying to figure out whether or not someone you’re attracted to and flirting with is single. But most people don’t readily admit they are (or aren’t) available.

And it gets more complicated with online dating because some people in committed relationships join these sites and try to date on the sly.

The next time you’re wondering if you should ask for his number or respond to his email, look for the following signs to make sure he’s single:

1. No tan line where a wedding ring should be.

This might seem obvious, but check the ring finger. If it’s lighter than the rest of his hand, he’s probably taken it off.

Don’t let this be the only indicator, though. Some married men don’t wear wedding rings at all.

2. He makes lots of eye contact.

Did he initiate eye contact with you? Is he checking out other women at the bar? Most single guys have a bit of a roving eye and they pay attention to the women around them.

If he seems nervous rather than curious when he’s looking around and he avoids eye contact, chances are he’s with someone else.


“Pay attention to red flags to avoid

getting hurt down the line.”

3. He makes plans with you and keeps them.

If a man is interested, he’ll ask for your number. Then he will follow up and make plans to see you again.

If he’s seeing someone else, he’ll call you at the last minute (when she’s not around), cancel and reschedule plans or otherwise be noncommittal. He’ll also avoid talking on the phone, preferring a text-only relationship.

4. He posts photos on his online profile.

If a man is married or has a girlfriend, he usually doesn’t want his picture floating around a dating site.

Respond only to men who post their pictures. They aren’t actively hiding anything.

5. He is more open.

It can take a little time for a man to share personal information about himself, but if he’s actively avoiding talking about his home, family or friends, then likely it’s because he doesn’t want you to know about them.

If he has nothing to hide, he’ll be more open.

Most women know if a man isn’t being honest, but sometimes they want to believe him anyway. Pay attention to red flags to avoid getting hurt down the line.

There are plenty of available men out there, so start meeting them!

Ladies, what signs do you look for that tell you a man is single? Create your own list in the comments!

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