How to Fully Commit to Online Dating

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How to Fully Commit to Online Dating

Lauren Hostert
Lauren Hostert Updated:

With its increasingly commonality, many women are now trying online dating for the first time. While the goal of dating online is the same as dating offline, the methods can be a little different.

Let’s go through a few ways to help you fully commit to online dating.

1. Respond.

This one seems pretty basic, but respond to messages. Online dating gives you a unique opportunity to interact with people you might not think you’d hit it off with on your own. Even if you’re an indoor princess, try writing back to that camo-clad dude.

Attraction is complicated and love is even more so. Why not give the “opposites attract” idiom a run for its money?

In a more traditional dating setting, you would meet a guy in person before you agree to see him again. Face-to-face interaction can tell you a lot about someone, and it’s one of the things you don’t get online.

Try exchanging a message or two with a man who doesn’t seem strictly your type and see where it goes.

2. Perfect your profile.

An online dating profile is like having to wear a shirt on your first date that lists your favorite hobbies. It’s understandable to feel hesitant about posting your whole life to be critiqued by strangers, but just make sure your profile is an accurate reflection of you.

Show off the best things about yourself — be funny, quote poetry, talk about camo. Just make sure not to stretch the truth too far. After all, the purpose of online dating is to find someone to have an offline relationship with.

3. Be active.

A lot of websites are starting to organize their own meet-ups for local members. Singles functions have a bit of a reputation for being miserable, but with options from sushi making to fitness boot camp, you’ve got a pretty good shot at finding something you’d be interested in.

Make sure you’re utilizing all of the opportunities your preferred site has to offer. Try checking their blog for updates or just poke around the Internet to see what other users are up to.