How Men Really Want You To Dress On A Date

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How Men Really Want You to Dress on a Date

Marni Battista
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When it comes to choosing an outfit for dates number one, two or three (or even dressing for a coffee meet and greet), you want to make a good first impression!

Surprisingly, women subconsciously dress for other women rather than “for” men, per se.

That said, if you want to make a head-turning first impression, it might be time to develop a strategy for how to dress to make an impression on the relationship-ready guy you’re trying to attract.

The key thing to remember is men don’t pay as much attention to the label on your top. Instead, their focus is on how well it fits you.

After all, men are visual creatures. The way you present yourself physically will make a lasting impression.

Your first priority should be dressing for yourself and making sure you feel good, but here are a few tips on how to dress for a Mr. Right. Dating with Dignity breaks it down here.

1. Don’t forget to button your shirt!

A little cleavage can be sexy, but wearing a super deep V-neck or letting it “all hang out” on a first date is a recipe for your date to spend most of his time thinking about the possibility of you landing in his bed later.

In fact, relationship-ready men who we interviewed told us, “Do us a favor. If you want us to focus on your awesome personality, please don’t distract us with too much skin!”

Of course, if you’re not looking for a serious relationship, then this rule need not apply.

There’s no need to keep your body under total wraps. We’re not suggesting you dress like a nun – simply that you leave ‘em curious to help ensure you get a second date.


“A hint of skin will get a man to pay

attention to what you do and say.”

2. Try a little make under.

The key to making sure your makeup looks flawless when you’re figuring out how to dress for a guy is to ensure you don’t overdo it.

A little red lipstick can go a long way, but putting on so much makeup that it looks like you dipped your face in a bowl of cake batter concealer won’t make you look super appealing to your date (or a future date).

A fresh face with a pop of color is great, so keep your makeup fresh and simple.

3. Don’t over-accessorize.

As Coco Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Don’t show up to your date with seven necklaces, bangles on each wrist and a ring on each finger.

Everyone is entitled to their own style, of course. And if boho chic is yours, you’re welcome to wear what you wish. However, keep in mind too many accessories can lead a man to believe you’re just too high maintenance.

Instead, choose one signature piece that can be a potential conversation starter or one that makes you feel especially sexy. From your power pumps to a simple sexy necklace, remember that less is more.

4. Legs, legs, legs.

A hint of skin will get a man to pay attention to much of what you do and say. If you feel comfortable, a skirt or shorts paired with a classy top can work wonders. Add some heels to this outfit and you’re set.

Just make sure you aren’t wearing heels with thousands of spikes or shoes that make you unable to walk after an hour. He just might head for the hills – and you won’t be able to keep up!

A classic pump or wedge will accent your legs and give you those extra few inches of confidence.

Dress for the three Cs: comfort, class and confidence. We doubt you’ll have a problem impressing a guy if you come equipped with those tools!

Ladies, what makes you feel comfortable and sexy on a date? Do you have a go-to outfit to make a good impression? We’d love to hear your personal style tips!

By Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity. Connect with her on Google+.

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