How To Fall In Love In 4 Days

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How to Fall in Love in 4 Days

Suzanne Muller
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Falling in love within four days is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. After unsuccessfully dating for eight years, being engaged twice and never getting married, I still gush with excitement and happiness about it. People often ask me how I did it.
If you are like me, you are not interested in wasting your time, energy and money on people who are not suited for you. If you are like me, you may even be a bit impatient and want it now to be free of the dating jungle.
I’m going to answer your ever so pressing and important question: How can you fall in love in four days?

1. You must be willing to learn what you don’t know.

Often the difference between being successful and unsuccessful is what you don’t know about yourself and how you interact with the opposite sex.
If you are willing to be hungry, discover your blind spots and learn it, then absolutely no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

2. Rid yourself of the leftover junk from past relationships.

Keep only the positive memories from your previous relationships. These leftovers can clog up your heart in ways you can’t even imagine.
“Allow yourself to commit instead of
believing all of the myths out there.”

3. If you want love, you must give love!

You must be a big ball of love and be bursting with lovableness.

4. Be willing to go where you’ve never gone before.

It takes trying something you’ve never done or even saying things you’ve never said.
When I met my boyfriend, I crawled onto his lounge chair within the first hour of meeting him. I have never done something like that before, but something in the moment said just do it! And I did.
Risking embarrassment and rejection, I trusted my instincts and leaped onto his lounge chair. This bold move paid off beautifully, and now we’ve been together for almost two years.

5. Surrender to love.

And believe it is possible to fall in love in four days.

6. You have to be willing to say yes.

And allow yourself to commit instead of believing all of the myths out there in the current dating scene. Be cautious and smart, but remain open to magic and miracles.
When I learned how to be loving, that is able to let someone’s love in and be loveable, everything shifted and very quickly. Are you willing to be bold or jump onto someone’s lounge chair for the possibility of love?
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