How To Make Yourself Squirt

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How to Make Yourself Squirt

Karen Foster
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Squirting is considered to be the holy grail of female orgasms. While some people may think it is weird or gross for a girl to squirt, there are many others that find this type of orgasm to be incredibly hot.

If you are ready and willing to take your orgasms to a higher level, here are a few things you can try to get yourself to squirt.

1. Work with a partner.

If you have never squired before, then you may want to try to do so with a partner first. It can be difficult to let yourself go into a utopia state when you are playing with yourself and having to control your own pleasure.

Allowing someone else to stimulate all of your erogenous zones lets you sit back and enjoy what’s coming to you.

While working with a partner, you will be able to concentrate on the waves of pleasure you are experiencing instead of focusing entirely on doing something harder or faster.

Make sure the partner you choose to help you out with the ordeal is someone you are 100 percent comfortable with.

2. Stimulate yourself manually.

The best way to squirt for the first time is through some form of manual stimulation. Regardless if you are using a sex toy or your partner is using their hands, squirting is much more effective through manual or oral stimulation.

Triggering the G-spot will enable you to squirt as well. Normally whenever the G-spot is stimulated, you will lose control of yourself, allowing the squirting sensation to commence.

“Squirting is the holy

grail of female orgasms.”

3. Dual stimulation

One of the greatest things that come with the territory of being a woman is women have the ability to pleasure themselves in a vast amount of ways.

Instead of centering your attention on your vagina, pay some attention to your anus as well. Stimulating your vagina and your anus at the same time will send you into pleasure overload, allowing you to squirt like you intend to do.

4. What does squirting feel like?

Squirting is a different sensation that doesn’t feel like an actual orgasm. Most women report feeling like they have to urinate when they squirt.

You may also feel like you have to bear down, like you were delivering a baby. The feeling is incredibly intense and may just take your breath away the first time you encounter a squirting orgasm.

When you feel like you have to bear down, do not stop pleasuring yourself. Simply go with the flow and you will be extremely surprised of what comes out of it. Allow yourself to go a little bit over the edge.

Chances are when you squirt for the first time, you may not squirt a lot. However, just like everything else in the world, in order to perfect the craft, you have to work at it.

Squirting is the holy grail of female orgasms, but only a few select groups of women get the pleasures of enjoying a squirting orgasm.

These simple tips will help you learn how to experience a squirting orgasm for yourself.

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