Its Not Only Men Who Need To Learn How To Kiss

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It’s Not Only Men Who Need to Learn How to Kiss

Leon Scott Baxter
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I took a gander at a post for men on about the don’ts (no do’s) of a first kiss. I think you should take a look at it before we move on. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Good. Glad you’re back. Let me just start by saying when I was dating, the first kiss was not my strong suit. I would be thinking about it all night.

Is she giving me signs or not? Does she want a kiss or no? Do I do it during the date? If so and she doesn’t want the kiss, the rest of the date is ruined. If I wait until the end, will she think I’m not interested?

It was incredible stress and made enjoying the date itself a bit difficult.

My best first kiss was at the end of a first date.

I’d walked my date to the door and we were saying our awkward good nights when I pulled what mentioned in number five of their post: timing and humor.

“So this is the time,” I stumbled, “when we can either prolong the goodnight and wonder if there will be a kiss or not, or we can just go for it.” She smiled and dove in.

“When you kiss, you can’t

keep your mouth open 24/7. “

I have always used humor to mask my nerves and dating incompetence. Yes, it’s true I was never a master dater, but once I was in a relationship, romance came pretty easy.

It’s not only guys who need first kiss pointers.

I dated a young lady in college. She was attractive, smart and kind, but her kissing skills were lacking.

To add to number three on the list, ladies, when you kiss, you can’t keep your mouth open 24/7. There has to be some closing of the lips.

This young lady would just open her mouth like an unscrewed mayonnaise jar and dump all of her saliva in my mouth. I am not kidding. It was like she had her own spit faucet and my mouth was apparently the sink.

I guess we all can be careful when we are kissing, especially that first kiss, which sets the atmosphere for future kissing or lack thereof.

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