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Women's Dating Provides Online Education to Grow Personally & Professionally

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The Short Version: Offering more than 4,000 online courses from over 10,000 organizations — covering topics from grammar to digital illustration to communication and confidence — is helping people better themselves professionally and socially. For over 20 years, the site has been utilized by everyday folks to enhance abilities in various spheres of their lives. In addition to a great sense of accomplishment, once users finish a class, they can add Completion Certificates to their LinkedIn résumés and profiles, which can result in additional inbound career opportunities. Whether seeking work-related or individual growth, is an excellent resource to help you become the best you.

We’ve all been in awkward social situations. Getting stuck on a long elevator ride with an acquaintance and not knowing what to say is the stuff of nightmares. Well, maybe that’s exaggerating things a bit. But there are times in our lives when we wish for a little more wit — the know-how to move a conversation and socially engage with ease.

Enter, a site where people can sign up for a smattering of online classes that can boost their social game. Subjects include storytelling, building confidence, and maintaining a positive attitude, and these can all be taken at your convenience.

Photo of the logo and a screenshot of the homepage offers more than 5,000 classes to help people better themselves socially and professionally.

In addition, can give your professional abilities a huge bump with tutorials related to IT, audio and music, marketing, and photography, which can lend to continued career growth.

Prescribed learning paths are available that provide a suggested curriculum for development in a certain field, or sessions can be chosen depending on need. There are even short weekly snippets and documentaries available to supplement courses. Students can learn on any device, placing personal and professional development at their fingertips.

Improve Communication & Social Skills to Become a Better You

For many, it’s been years since their last college communications class, and they could surely benefit from a refresher. At, there’s a host of communications courses and writing tutorials that can improve the way you approach both your career and relationships.

Listening skills are important in just about every facet of life. If you’re not soaking in and comprehending what people are saying, odds are good that jobs and friendships will suffer. has lessons that can enhance listening, empathy, and recall ability.

Collage of's communication courses’s communication courses help enhance career- and relationship-building skills.

Students can work on their writing by taking Grammar Fundamentals, the first lesson in her series of communication tutorials. Other courses in her series help students add areas of expertise to their LinkedIn résumés and can ensure dating profiles are grammatically attractive.

If you have a touch of the Negative Nelly in you and want to improve your mental state, health, and interactions with others, Choose Your Attitude might be the course for you.  Or, increase your natural, organic feelings of happiness and attract like-minded souls with Happiness Tips.  After all, happy, positive people are the most fun to be around.

Business, Tech & Creative Training to Enhance Your Professional Life

A fulfilled professional life often yields a fulfilled personal life. The beauty is you can advance your competencies without going back to school. allows students to choose from an assortment of exercises to cover a multitude of abilities they’d like to develop.

The site offers over 4,000 classes taught by expert instructors in three broad categories: Business, Technology, and Creative. These on-demand tutorials allow people to further their talents based on their own schedules.

Business courses include software, management, and finance. Those looking to inspire their teams can learn the leadership mindset with Transition From Manager to Leader. Students can also learn to manage conflict with courses such as Leading With Emotional Intelligence.

Screenshot of a professional class

Sara Canaday teaches courses on transitioning to leadership roles and professional development.’s technology course offerings range from software development to web design and development and IT Infrastructure. Amateur bloggers looking to evolve their free site into a paid one may want to invest two hours of their time in WordPress: Building a Paid Membership Site. IT mavericks needing to update their Java coding abilities can check out more than 20 classes to increase their knowledge base. And cybersecurity expert Lisa Bock has what everyone needs to keep their information secure with her class on ethical hacking.

Creative professionals or those wanting to break into the industry can take a range of workshops on photography, video, art, and illustration. Harnessing Your Creativity teaches the foundations of creativity, in general, and graphic design, specifically. A course on creative GoPro techniques can make your next travel blog post a must-share for more than just your mom. If you know you’re the second coming of Janis Joplin, learn the basics with Songwriting Techniques With Chords to learn about harmony, melody, and how to influence the feel of a song.

LinkedIn Compatibility & Certificates of Completion Boost Résumés

In 2015, LinkedIn acquired as part of a key initiative to improve the global workplace. LinkedIn has over 400 million members and is now considered much more than just a résumé site. Entrepreneurs and global companies alike build their businesses through LinkedIn with both its networking opportunities and its open and generous display of talent.

LinkedIn and logos

The LinkedIn and partnership makes it easy to build résumés with online education.

The acquisition seems like a natural evolution for both companies. With this partnership, Lynda certificates can now be easily added to your LinkedIn profile so employers, recruiters, colleagues, and companions can see the abilities you have acquired. These certificates add depth and breadth to your profile — so much so that LinkedIn members with Lynda Certificates get 3.5 times more inbound career chances.

Learn Anywhere at Any Time With Flexible Course Offerings

Long elevator rides don’t have to be awkward. can turn anyone into a seasoned conversationalist and well-rounded individual, and their on-demand courses are accessible at anytime and on any device. Some sessions are only 20 minutes long but can have long-term effects on your professional and personal life.