Music Lovers Enjoy Romance At Gold Diggers

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Music-Loving Couples Enjoy Romantic Stays at Gold-Diggers

Sheena Holt

Written by: Sheena Holt

Sheena Holt

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The Short Version: Los Angeles is the perfect destination for couples who love music. And there’s a hotel in the city that reflects their music interests. Gold-Diggers, a hotel, bar, music venue, and recording studio on Santa Monica Boulevard, is the perfect spot for couples visiting the City of Angels. The historically significant hotel offers the excitement of a live show, the indulgence of craft cocktails, and comfortable lodging, all under the same roof.

When travelers plan their vacations, they often view their sleeping accommodations as places to crash after a long day of exploring. They may feel that paying extra for their hotel or spending time researching places to stay is a waste of their money or effort. 

But in reality, travelers who stay at a subpar hotel waste an opportunity to have the best possible time immersing themselves in a new place. They’ll feel unable to relax, as there won’t be anything special about the place where they’re staying. If they get tired early, they’ll either be bored and uncomfortable in poor accommodations or unhappily toughing it out somewhere else. They may have to commute to get to any exciting attractions. 

Even the most high-energy tourists spend a substantial amount of time in their hotels on vacations. Where you stay is a big part of your travel experience. So why not make the best of it?

At Gold-Diggers in Los Angeles, travelers find a clean, trendy hotel that is also a hub of music history, culture, and fun. The Gold-Diggers creative campus also features a state-of-the-art recording studio and a swanky bar with top-tier live music every night.

Gold-Diggers bar
Gold-Diggers is a unique destination where music, cocktails, and artistry meet.

Gold-Diggers is the go-to hotel for couples visiting LA who want to immerse themselves in Hollywood for the entirety of their trip. The intimate feel of Gold-Diggers makes it perfect for young music-loving couples who want a dynamic and romantic experience in the city. 

“Everyone, especially music lovers, appreciates that this is a one-of-a-kind space,” Mackenzie Bradley, Hotel Manager at Gold-Diggers, told us. “They appreciate our attention to detail and ability to tell a story with your experience while you’re here.”

Hollywood is the perfect destination for anyone who loves the arts, especially music. Tourists only get a short period to fully discover all of the music and culture the area has to offer. Their hotels should match the city’s spirit, and Gold-Diggers does just that.

Have a Drink Surrounded by Musical History

Gold-Diggers is rife with musical and cultural significance. The front bar — where you can have a drink while watching high-quality live music — started as a local bikini bar in the 1970s, where locals and up-and-coming musicians would share a beer. “We change cocktails quarterly, and our cocktails are named after artists and albums who have a history with the space. Many of them are named after Ed Wood and artists who utilized the space prior to our occupancy,” Mackenzie said. “It’s a fun play on the space’s history.”

The hotel building was once a strip club called Gold-Diggers. The current owners kept the name and overhauled the space to focus on music appreciation.

The back building, which now houses the Gold-Diggers’ state-of-the-art recording studio, was the famed Quality Studios recording room starting in the 1950s. Then as Shamrock Rehearsal Studios it saw artists such as The Doors and Slayer rehearsing for live shows.

“All of these iconic musicians recorded back there,” Mackenzie said. “Before our renovation, it was Ed Wood’s sound stage, so we have a lot of history within the Hollywood production, and we stay true to that in everything we do.”

Photo of the Gold-Diggers bar
Guests enjoy two complimentary cocktails in Gold-Diggers’s gorgeous bar seating.

Traveling is about finding the right balance between learning about a new place and having a great time. At Gold-Diggers, you can enjoy live music and a few drinks with your partner — some of them prepaid with the drink tokens included in your room package — while soaking in all of the creative history and energy around you. You may even bump into a recording artist in the hallway. 

In its review of the hotel, the Los Angeles Times wrote, “Gold Diggers is like if Sound City studios had a pub where you could drink with Stevie Nicks and then wander upstairs to a hotel to hear the band’s new demos.” 

For musically inclined couples, there is nowhere more exciting to spend the night. 

Catch a Show Beneath Your Bedroom

If you’re a music lover taking a trip to LA, you will want to see some live music. Los Angeles is full of shows for every budget, but traveling to them can be a pain. At Gold-Diggers, guests get the benefit of top-notch live shows conveniently located where they’re staying. Watching a show at Gold-Diggers is a great way to have an affordable and fun musical experience, all from the comfort of your hotel. No need to catch a ride-share to and from the venue when you’re sleeping right upstairs.

“It’s really nice to have a few drinks, watch the show, and stumble upstairs,” Mackenzie said. “LA is so spread out, but at Gold-Diggers, you can stay close by. It’s a musical oasis in the gritty city.”

Photo of the stage and chairs
Live shows at Gold-Diggers offer guests a musical experience they’ll love.

Given how musically significant Gold-Diggers is and its fame in the area, staying at the hotel is a quick and easy way to meet new friends on your trip. You can bond with other couples staying at the hotel over drinks as music plays in the background or chat with artists and producers relaxing after a long session in the studio. Unlike larger or more generic hotels, Gold-Diggers offers a feel of intimacy and local culture that’s hard to beat.

“You could be in a hotel room, and somebody next to you is recording in the studio; it’s that intermixing of creative minds,” Mackenzie told us. “The green room for the artist is the lounge for the hotel, which is fun and special. We integrate the experience of the guest and the artist’s experience.” 

Whether you’re a musician or a fan, Gold-Diggers can make you feel like you’re part of the industry. And once you’re ready to call it a day, you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient sleep with your partner in the hotel’s upper floors.

Gold-Diggers Brings Fun and Culture to Your LA Stay

When you visit Los Angeles with your partner, you should immerse yourselves in the city’s culture. Sometimes that can be hard to find when it’s your first trip to a city. You may struggle to get off the beaten path and see the places that are authentic.  

At Gold-Diggers, you’ll find the authentic Los Angeles experience as soon as you get to your hotel. “It’s a beautiful hotel and it’s a great experience,” Mackenzie said. “It’s not a luxury hotel — we’re in an up-and-coming neighborhood, on Santa Monica Boulevard. Guests appreciate that authentic taste of what the nitty gritty of Hollywood is like.”

Photo of the view of Hollywood
The hotel’s central location in Hollywood makes it perfect for a Los Angeles trip.

Gold-Diggers may not be a luxury hotel, but it’s still a gorgeous and carefully curated place to stay. The interior combines an eclectic mix of textiles to create a space that reflects the taste and feel of the music industry and the neighborhood right outside the building. It’s a place where young couples would feel right at home, and more mature folks would love to explore. 

Guests enjoy the perfect blend of class and excitement while staying at Gold-Diggers. The hotel is primed for a serendipitous experience that anyone will find exhilarating. It’s the ideal place to explore with your partner.

“There’s so much you have to visit for yourself to get the whole thing,” Mackenzie said. “There’s much more than what the eye can see.”