Namale Resort Offers Couples A Romantic Escape To Fiji

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Namale Resort Helps Couples Plan a Romantic Escape to Fiji

Suzanne Wentley

Written by: Suzanne Wentley

Suzanne Wentley

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The Short Version: Fiji sits at the top of many couples’ bucket list destinations with its perfect weather, stunning water, sumptuous cuisine, and friendly locals. And the Namale Resort offers a dream getaway or honeymoon for those who enjoy luxurious accommodations. Couples who visit the all-inclusive resort enjoy a carefully crafted experience that includes unlimited champagne, five-star meals, and impressive customer service. The rates included everything from paddleboards to the items in the mini-fridge, leaving guests to do nothing but relax and celebrate their relationships.

Many couples flock to Fiji’s islands to experience a true getaway. The trip takes a half-day flight from the West Coast of the United States to the archipelago in Oceania. Once there, visitors enjoy lush gardens and tropical weather, a perfect backdrop to luxurious relaxation and memorable adventures.

Fiji gained independence from the United Kingdom in October 1970 and operates under a parliamentary democracy. That means English is spoken.The island is a relatively safe country, and tourists may even find entire beaches to themselves, as fewer than 1 million people live on the islands.

Fiji is a bucket-list destination, and many couples choose to stay at the Namale Resort to enhance their romantic escape.

Photo of the Namale Resort
Namale Resort offers couples a stunning, all-inclusive destination for relaxing getaways or weddings.

It may be hard for couples to imagine just how beautiful the views are until they arrive. But once they set foot on the Namale Resort property, they understand.

The Namale Resort is also a breathtaking backdrop for unforgettable wedding and honeymoon photos.

“Our goal is to provide every guest with a five-star experience and lasting memories,” said Alissa Harrison, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Namale Resort. “We hope your first visit leads to many more in the future so you may continue to have the vacation of a lifetime more than once in a lifetime.”

A Team Focused on Creating Magical Moments for Guests

Namale Resort is all-inclusive, making it an ideal destination to focus on romance. The team works hard to provide what it calls magic moments at every turn. Upon arrival, visitors notice a custom-carved nameplate on the front door of their room.

The package price includes all meals, snacks, beverages, and even alcohol. Guests can choose to have romantic candlelit dinners in a seaside cave or next to a private waterfall in a rainforest. Couples enjoy unlimited breakfasts and lunches throughout the resort and private dinners on the deck or elsewhere, depending on the length of their stay. And all dietary preferences are honored.

“Other gorgeous dine-out locales include a hilltop bluff with stunning vistas, right on the beach with your toes in the sand, or on our Veidomoni Deck featuring a romantic heart-shaped hot tub and amazing ocean views,” Alissa said.

Photo of Namale sunset dinner
Resort guests can choose to dine at some of the most beautiful locales in Fiji.

But it’s the people who make the experience special. The staff-to-guest ratio is 4-to-1, meaning every request can be met. Excluding the co-general managers, everyone who works at Namale Resort is Fijian. Native Fijians are known for being one of the friendliest people in the world.

“Fijians are known for being happy, and that attitude reflects in our company culture as well,” Alissa said. “Some of Namale’s staff have been with us for more than 32 years. It’s a great part of the family feel to support the locals and have the multigenerational component to our team.”

Plenty of Amenities and Activities Included

Guests can choose between two types of rooms. The private bures, which are structures crafted with traditional Fijian woodwork, include the Garden Tropical, Ocean Tropical, and Honeymoon varieties. The villas, including the Grand Villa, have unique amenities that include billiards tables, private pools, outdoor showers, or private access to the beach.

The resort’s rooms all include wifi access, and plates of cookies and stocked mini-fridges are part of the all-inclusive experience. For their health-related safety, guests can ask for replenishments instead of having housekeeping come into the rooms uninvited.

Some activities must be scheduled in advance or upon arrival, but the resort also includes plenty of exciting excursions. Stand-up paddleboards, snorkeling gear, kayaks, indoor basketball, tennis, volleyball, and tours of tidepools and blowholes are all included in guest packages.

Photo of couple at the Namale Resort
Couples can find a wide variety of romantic activities close by.

And the resort encourages couples to try the traditional kava drink for an authentic Fijian experience. The drink also inspired one of the resort’s most unique features.

“Namale’s Kava Bowl Indoor Entertainment Center, named after the famous Fijian kava beverage, traditionally enjoyed out of half of a coconut shell, is the only one of its kind. And it’s the only place you’ll find 10-pin indoor bowling in all of Fiji,” Alissa said. “The expansive, air-conditioned space also encompasses a 3D virtual golf simulator, billiards, darts, air hockey, and ping-pong.”

Of course, as part of your all-inclusive package, snacks and drinks can be delivered right to the Kava Bowl — or the villa. And all villas come equipped with Apple TV with more than 900 movies to choose from for rainy days or when couples want to spend time together indoors.

Namale Resort: Packages Make Destination Weddings a Dream

Namale Resort is not only a romantic destination for getaways, but it also offers a picturesque backdrop for nuptials. Wedding license fees are included for couples who spend more than seven days on the property between November and April — or 10 days from May to October. They can work with the resort’s dedicated wedding concierge, Filo, to ensure everything is perfect for their big day.

“Filo will assist the couple through every step of the process — from flower arrangements to location for the ceremony,” Alissa said. “Our most popular spot is the beach at sunset. However, other amazing options are near the waterfall or a clifftop deck.”

Couples can also choose any other spot for their nuptials and add special touches, including a warrior escort or a choir to serenade the couple. “The goal is to make it a memory to last a lifetime,” Alissa said.

Photo of Namale Resort wedding setup
Weddings at the Namale Resort are picturesque and memorable.

Co-General Manager Nowdla Keefe said she received an email from a bride who said she had enjoyed her special day at the resort. After the couple left, they tried to order a pizza at the airport. They asked for half-cheese and half-pepperoni, and they were told the restaurant couldn’t do that. That’s when she realized she hadn’t heard the word “no” during the entire time at the resort, the guest wrote in her email.

Keefe said the team also went above and beyond for a recent Russian wedding. Part of the tradition from the culture is to have the groom prove himself during the ceremony. So the resort team staged a rescue that included the groom riding in on horseback.

“Our team also loves to set up surprise proposals. We use the phrase ‘magic moments,’ and we love to create that for couples in a way that suits them best,” Alissa said.